Best one day hike to Mount Qingcheng


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Mount Qingcheng is located in the south west of Dujiangyan, 68 km.(42 mi.) away from Chengdu, which is one of the cradles of Chinese Taoism. Mount Qingcheng is also a famous historic mountain in China, it was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites together with Dujiangyan Irrigation System in 2000, it attracts millions of people around the world each year and is one of the most popular places to see in Chengdu tours.With its precipitous mountain (main peak with an altitude about 1,260 m.--4,134 ft.) and lush green trees, it is also one of the good places hiking in Sichuan. The most popular places for relaxing and hiking near Chengdu can be experienced in the 1 day Mount Qingcheng Tour.

For places to see in Chengdu City, you may interested in Chengdu City 1 Day Tour. Actually, Mount Qingcheng is also very convenient to visit and not far away from the downtown of Chengdu. Mount Qingcheng is divided into the Front Mountain and the Back Mountain. They are separate but each has it's own feature.  The Front Mountain is famous for its Taoism culture, while the Back Mountain is attractive with its seclude and natural scenery. So Mount Qingcheng is a combination of both strong cultural atmosphere and amazing landscape. It is a really worthy place to see in Chengdu and also a convenient place for hiking in Sichuan. Residents of Chengdu, both the old people and young, often come here to feel the Taoism culture and escape the summer heat as well as to exercise themselves in the hiking.

Front Mountain -- The Front Mountain is the main part of Mount Qingcheng, with many cultural relics and strong atmosphere of Taoism. It is especially favored by people who are obsessed with Taoism culture and essence. If you have good physical body and want to experience the fun of hiking, you are wise to choose this popular place hiking in Sichuan. Along the way, you can see many of the historical buidings built over one thousand years ago. Such as the Jianfu Palace -- Built in 730 A.D. in the Tang Dynasty, the Taoism gods are enshrined in the palace's halls. The couplets with 394 words in the pillars are a stunning of  Mount Qingcheng. You also can see other palaces such as Laojun Pavilion, Yuanming Palace, Shangqing Palace, Tianshi cave, etc along the way. In all the palaces, different Taoism gods are worshipped in them and all the palace building have a long history. Another convenient place for hiking in Sichuan is in Ancient Luodai Town. If you like hiking, besides Mount Qingcheng, you may interested in Luodai Town & Golden Dragon Great Wall Hiking 1 Day Tour.

Back Mountain -- The Back side of Mount Qingcheng  is famous for its natural and tranquil scenery, the popular saying "Mount Qingcheng -- The most seclude place in the world" refers to the Back Mountain specially. Along the hiking way of back mountain, you can see luxuriant green forests, layers of mountain peak, quietly flowing streams, etc. Everything here is so natural and in harmony. The one who has never been to Mount Qingcheng will be attracted by its evergreen trees, winding and seclude paths. Walking along the path of Back Mount Qingcheng, you will feel a kind of hazy blur, at this moment, it seems that the time is still, without the noise and agitation in the city, only remains the gurgling streams, the fresh air and the fragrance from the plants. You'll forget all the things in your real life and just enjoy yourself at this moment. When you stop hiking, the time you are gasping for the air, hearing your heart beat, you'll have a strong sense of real existence, a kind of wonderful feeling! 

Mount Qingcheng, with both its stunning scenery and historic culture is definitely a second-to-none place hiking  in Sichuan and one of the best places to see in Chengdu. Come to Mount Qingcheng, and have a best hiking day.

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