Mount Emei 2 day discover tour - part 1


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Holy Mount Emei Entrance - Sichuan

The first Buddhist temple in China was built in Mount Emei. It is one of China's Four Buddhist Sacred Mountains. Sits at the western rim of the Sichuan Basin, it is renowned for both Buddhist culture and gorgeous natural scenery. People from all around the world come and visit this place to escape city limits, watching the sun rise from the mountain peaks. As a must see attraction in Sichuan, Mount Emei is a very big place, it takes you two days to explore the mountain. There are few different trek routes, but this is the most popular one. It covers almost all the famous scenic spots of Mount Emei.

Before this trip, there are several things you need to remember:

  • Take a coat with you, because of the changeable weather.
  • Prepare some food and water, what the vendors along the side offer is a little expensive.
  • When you get into the Monkey Zone, don't show any plastic bottle or snack in front of monkey.
  • Plan an overnight in the mountain. (recommended place: the Golden Summit)

Day 1 - At around 8.30 a.m., arrive at the foot of Mount Emei - Baoguo Temple, begin your trekking. It's better to schedule your time in advance. Don't spend too much time photographing at one spot. There are too many beautiful scenic spots to see along the way. The path itself is very well paved and nothing like the path of Mount Hua (one of the Five Great Mountains in China), it's not dangerous at all.  If you feel tired during the journey, take a rest that is no more than 10 minutes. If you keep your pace like this, it will make your trekking much easier and more valuable.

Monkey at Mount Emei - Sichuan

It takes you about 3 hours to get to the Fu hu Temple. When you arrive at this place, it's just the right time for lunch. We suggest to have the special vegetarian food served at the temple. The food is fresh and delicious, you shouldn't miss it. Fully recharged then continue your journey. The trekking could be hard, but when pass through one after one scenic spots, you'll have a feeling that what you pay well worth every bit of it. 

After 5 hours of trek, passing few ancient temples, finally reach the Monkey Zone. Monkeys are another famous tourist attraction of Mount Emei. They are cute, accustomed to tourists and not afraid of people, they may get very close. Just Keep in mind: never try to give anything except the corns. Everyone would be excited to get a close contact with these adorable monkeys. One kindly tip: Just Watch, No Touching!


The monkeys is a perfect closure of this day. After watching the monkeys, it would be night. You can appreciate the peaceful nights views in the mountain. Don't trek too late at night, because tomorrow would be a day to witness magic. Save your energy.

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