Mount Emei in-depth tour - 3 days


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3 Days
  • Private Tour
Spend two days at Mount Emei to have an in-depth tour including the visits to half mountain of Wannian Temple and the Golden Summit of the Golden Statue. Additionally, you will also visit the Panda Base in Chengdu and the Giant Buddha at Leshan.
From $326
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Lucy Tan's picture

Are cable-car rides, bus-fares, and meals included in the price of $330? And how many people per group do you take? There will be 3 of us and the travel date will be in October. Thanks and best regards, Lucy

Yuki Yi's picture

Hello Lucy,
Thanks for contacting us!
The price of 330 USD has included cable-car rides, bus-fares, but not daily lunch and dinner (only the breakfast which provided by the hotels). It is based 4-6 persons travel in off season from mid November to March.
Please kindly note that this 3 Days Mount Emei In-depth Tour is a private tour route instead of join-in group route, namely the tour will be calculated based on 3 of you in the private tour.
I have sent you all the details via Email, please have a look and feel free to share your comments and thoughts on it.
Look forward to your reply soon.
Kind Regards,

Lycoris Yang's picture

Hi Stella,
Thank you for your comments.Regarding your question, I'd suggest you fly to Guangzhou after 6 p.m. in Day 3. And I've already sent you an email with details of this tour yesterday. Please check it and let me know if you have any further questions on it.
Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Best Regards,

Lucy Tan's picture

We are interested in the 3 day tour. On the third day, we need to go to the airport and fly to Guangzhou. We have not bought our air tickets yet. What would be a good estimate for us to arrive at the airport.

Lucy Tan's picture

Hi I would like to know at what time do we arrive back at our hotel back in chengdu.
Thank you

Murphy Feng's picture

Hello Ruth,

Nice to hear from you again! Guess you have got my previous email :)

Regarding your question, this tour is a private tour only for you, so it's quite flexible. Normally you would get back to your hotel in Chengdu before dinner, but if you have any specific requirements about it please let us know and we could accommodate your requests accordingly.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions on this trip and I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.



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