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Chinese National Day Celebrations - Beijing
It is going to be October 1st soon and the Chinese National Day is coming! It is really an exciting news if you are planning to travel to China, because it is one of the favorite holidays in China and it means there is going to be seven days holiday, which is known as the "Golden Week" in China. The Chinese National Day is really a good chance to see the sights of China and when you travel to China during this festivity time you can experience the local culture.

Travel to China - Join in the festivities during the holiday!

It is well known that the Chinese National day is a grand celebration of the foundation of the People's Republic of China on October 1st in 1949. At that time, Chairman Mao were standing on Tiananmen Square and declared the solemn pledge to the world that"The PR China and the people's central government was founded!" It is really an awesome time to see the Chinese people celebrating one their most important holidays, the "Golden Week". When you travel to China you may be interested in the Beijing Highlights Tour, which will take you around the different attractions of the city.

Golden Week - Fireworks in the night sky of Beijing
Everyone begins celebrating the Golden Week by watching the magnificent military parades and Chinese National Day's evening party on TV. It is a great chance to see and meet the Chinese people during this holiday as they are warm and welcoming. It can be the perfect time to travel to China and feel the holiday atmosphere in the towns and cities. The best sight is the firework display, which is usually a grand show held nationwide in all cities. The grandest parades and banquets all over China are those in Beijing and during these days many people from the world will come to Tiananmen to enjoy the magnificent celebration. You can choose the Beijing in Depth Tour to see these beautiful places in Beijing.

Chinese National Day - Eye catching parades!
When you travel to China during this time it is always good to make full use of this precious Golden Week to see the sights and sounds of the Chinese cities. you can visit Shanghai, which a modern city in East China. It will be a good time to visit this amazing city. For more information, please look at the Shanghai City Tour. A lot of Chinese people will go to see their relatives or get together with friends, but most will choose a destination for traveling during this Golden Week. Take out of a travel map, you will find many wonderlands are waiting for your exploration. It is autumn right now and many attractions in China are taking on their most beautiful visage, such as Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, the Fragrant Hills in Beijing, Shangri- la in Yunnan and many other places. All these fairylands seem to be touching your hearts and calling on you when you travel to China.

Travel to China - Beautiful Jiuzhaigou Valley

A Jiuzhaigou tour may be the perfect place to visit during the Golden Week. Travel is the most wonderful thing to do during the Chinese National Day every year, which not only broadens your mind but also refreshes you. The only annoying thing is that during the Golden Week, nearly all the travel fares will double or triple up and advanced booking must be made weeks ahead, where WindhorseTour can help you in this matter. Travel to China and witness this unique culture of China. You are sure to remember this experience forever in your memory!

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