Best Guilin and Longsheng adventure hiking route


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Elephant Trunk Hill - Li River
Have you ever heard or seen the rice terraces and the local minority villages in Guilin? It’s strongly recommended for you to experience a hiking tour in Guilin (from Longji to Dazhai) to witness the spectacular Jinkeng Rice Terraces. In the first part you will visit the minority villages of Zhuang and Yao where you can see the classical side of China. Besides, taking a bicycle tour along Li River where can see the finest scenery of Guilin is not to be missed. Another hiking part is along Yulong River as well as to drop by some local farmer's house and enjoy some interesting tales. Take a leisure walk on the Yangshuo’s oldest West Street, which is really enjoyable for you. Guilin is famous for its stunning attractions, such as Elephant Trunk Hill that has existed for a long time. If you interested then travel to Guilin and please look at Hiking at Guilin experience tradition journey for more information.


Hiking in Guilin to See the Spectacular Jinkeng Rice Terraces

It is probably China's only route to see two magnificent rice terraces – Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces. This hiking  in Guilin starts from Longji village, passes by two famous rice terraces and finally arrives at Dazhai village. The original histories of these two rice terraces could date back to hundreds of years. Any season would be fine for hiking because different season shows its own unique scenery. There are some Guilin minority villages located inside the rice terraces that you may have a chance to witness the local lifestyle. For most travelers have experienced this hiking, which is 4 to 5 hours, so that you don't need special trekking preparations.Want to trek in the rice terraces? Please look at: Visit Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Guilin Tour.

Hiking in Guilin Along the Picturesque Li River
Do you want a cycling tour along the Li River to appreciate the key scenery of Guilin? Different from the hiking in Guilin along Li River is the bicycle tour, which will be much easier than walking and takes less time. Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo which will provide you many unique landscapes of best Guilin. During the cycling tour, you may truly see how locals enjoy the life such as fishermen float by on bamboo rafts with singing on the Li River. Also, you have the chance to explore Chinese peasant houses which is located along Li River to understand their daily-life and culture. You can look at Classical Guilin Tour Visit Li River for more information.

Hiking in Guilin along the Charming Yulong River

It's definitely worth to hike in Guilin along the Yulong River (from Gongnong Bridge to Yima Village). You will not only see the wonderful scenery of Guilin but also enjoy in appreciating country life at Yima Village. The Yulong River is known as Little Li River, which is also famous for its very crystal clear water. When you start from Gongnong Bridge, don't miss a famous scenic spot called Camels in River-Crossing. During the hiking tour, you’ll see the locals use traditional way of washing clothes at the side of Yulong River. If you interested in hiking along Yulong River, please look at: Hiking in Guilin and visiting Yulong River tour.

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