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Spring is coming to Chengdu, and many of the regions' beautiful flowers are in full blossom. If you have plans to come to Sichuan, China, in March or April, plan a little extra time to have your photos taken with the beautiful blooms and take in the fresh spring Sichuan air!

Longquan Peach Valley, Chengdu sightseeing in Spring - Sichuan travel

Peach Flower

Best time to see: Late March to mid-April

China's Longquan Peach Valley is full of peach trees, a great place for a Spring outing - this 555 sq. kilometer (345 sq. mile) tract of land outside Chengdu has as many as 17 million peach trees! Take the bus to the top of mountain and then walk down slowly to appreciate the peach flowers, or choose any of the wild peach orchards to enjoy a picnic or game of Mahjong - so relaxing and agreeable!

Colorful Rapeseed Flower - Chengdu Attraction - Sichuan Spring

Rapeseed Blooms

Best time to visit: Late March to April

There are many places around Chengdu to see to vibrant golden rapeseed flowers. In fact, just outside of the city, you can see fields of rapeseed blooms everywhere! However, the best places to see oceans of these beautiful yellow flowers are actually along the highways: from Chengdu to Leshan, Chengdu to Yajiang, and Chengdu to Mianyang.

Pear trees near Chengdu - Spring in Sichuan - China Travel

Pear Flower

Best time to visit: Late March to April

There are two main places to see pear flowers in Sichuan province - one is at Pear Creek in Xinjin, a town located about 54 km (34 miles) southwest of Chengdu, and the other is Pengzhou, also not far from the city, about 45 km (28 miles) away.

Red peony blooms in Sichuan - Chengdu Attraction in Spring



Best time to visit: Early April to mid-May

Pengzhou has the largest accumulation of peonies in western China. Visitors can see these beautiful rosy blooms in Danjingsha, Pengzhou Park, and Yinchangzhou.

Spring showers bring flowers, and in fertile Sichuan province there are many good places to see a variety of amazing flowers. On your next trip through Chengdu, if you want to see the birth of Spring through the floral blooms, to smell the azaleas and see the opening tulips, feel free to contact us for more information on the right route for you!

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