Beijing endangered animal center


Beijing Endangered Animal Center is located in the center of a verdant forest on the the bank of Yongding River. It boasts more than 2,000 kinds of animals of over 40 rare species, among which you can find golden monkeys, crossoptilons, green pheasants, any many other exiting animals. Many of these animals are under the protection of the government.

Beijing Endangered Animal Center

The whole scenic area is divided into eleven sections including:

Chinese Pheasants Garden

  • Crossoptilon Loose Area

  • Extinct Animal Grave Garden

  • Family-based Golden Monkey Area

  • Lemuroid Island

  • Macaque Feeding Area

  • Ostrich Garden

  • Snow Leopard Garden

  • Swan Lake

  • Takin Ecological Garden

  • Wusuli Leopard Feeding Area

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Once you are there you will find yourself in a natural ecological forest full of surprises. Besides, you may take part in a variety of interesting activities such as animal knowledge quiz, nature conservation video and the bonfire camp.

Beijing Endangered Animal Center Tiger

The Endangered Animal Center of Beijing City can also support group events in their multifunctional hall, such as: for you to sing and dance.

You don't need to worry about accommodation since there are both standard and average rooms to meet requirements like holding a meeting or housing a large tour group.

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