Daluo River and one tree forest


Daluo is a small virgin town located 134 km away from Jinghong , the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and is the border of China and Myanma. "Daluo" is translated from Dai language, meaning of "Multi- ethnic Mix Ferry" and is famous for all kinds of ethnic custom. The weather here is delightful and humid with an annual temperature of 21 degree and it is also featured by its tropical forests, the rare trees and other natural scenic spots.

Daluo River in Yunnan

The most outstanding attractions in Daluo are the One Tree Forest and the Daluo River. The One Tree Forest only consists of 28 m high and with a history of 900 years old banya trees, being regarded as a natural wonders and scenic spots in Yunnan Province. The big verdant banya tree is surrounded by many branches and all these branches will get into the soil and become another trunk of another new trees, thus become a flourish forest. Located on the border of China-Myanmar and covering an area of 120 m2, it looks like a fence and a green guardian of protecting its motherland.

If you come to the One Tree Forest, your first sight will caught by the twining branches of the banya tree. You can see the branches of the banyan tree breaking into 32 aerial roots and hanging down to the earth to be an aerial roots jungle, which can seldom be found in other places. Therefore, when people come to Xishuangbanna, this One Tree Forest scenic spots is surely an indispensable tourism paradise.

The Danluo River is another important part of this wonderland. It is a beautiful river flowing through the town and divide into two halves, one of which flows into the Mekong River and the other into the Pacific Ocean. It is regarded as the mother river of Daluo town and give birth to all kinds of natural resources, which can not be missed. If you are traveling in Xishuangbanna, this place is surely one of your destinations! 

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