Guangzhou Zoo


A trip to the Guangzhou Zoo wouldn't be complete without meeting the endangered South China tigers. The zoo is also home to two pandas who starred in a movie called " Trail of the panda." Other interesting animals include chimpanzees, giraffes, elephants, hippos, golden monkeys and white tigers.

Panda in Guangdong Zoo

Guangzhou Zoo is located in the northeast of Guǎngzhōu City, Guǎngdōng Province. It was completed and open to the public in 1958. Covering an area of 42 hectares (104 acres), it's now one of the three biggest zoos in China (behind Shanghai and Beijing). The zoo currently displays and breeds about 5,000 kinds of animals of over 400 species from China and abroad.

Through 40 years of development, the zoo has evolved into a comprehensive attraction balancing animal exhibition, popular science education, amusement, and catering services. The zoo is divided into three main areas: Central Exhibition Hall, Birds & Beasts Park, and Panlong Yuan ( 盘龙苑 ).

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The Central Exhibition specializes in mammals like tigers, lions, elephants, and pandas. The Birds & Beasts Park is designed as a courtyard where you can freely walk around and see birds and beasts in a more natural habitat. The draw for visitors there is the chirping, but the center of attention is the peacock. Panlong Yuan is in southeast of the zoo with nearly 200 species of amphibious animals, reptiles, and fish. The lively golden and tropical fish will definitely catch your eye.

Guangdong Zoo monkey

Save the best for last and go angling in Jinlinyuan (锦鳞苑), a pond which has an abundant reservoir of rare fish from all over the globe. Animal performances can be seen here, and don't forget to wander through Dinosaur World for a blast from the past. The vast landscape and enchanting lake scenery will surely catch your attention.

This zoo is unique in that it houses the Guangzhou Sea Life Aquarium. Take the time to explore this rare wonderland.

Entrance Fee: 20 RMB

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