Shanghai Pudong International Airport


Shanghai Pudong International Airport is 31 km. (19 mi.) east of central Shanghai. It is one of the most modern airports in China. Shanghai Pudong Airport is linked to the city by a super-fast Magnetic Levitation train. Its speeds can reach over 467 km. per hour (290 mph).

If you travel to Shanghai, take the opportunity to try the world-fastest Magnetic Levitation train. There are two Shanghai airports – Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and both are futuristic. Travel to Shanghai with WindhorseTour and enjoy seeing this modern city for yourself.

Airport Information

There are two terminals at Shanghai Pudong Airport – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is for domestic and international flights. Terminal 2 is mainly for international destinations. There are walkways linking T1 and T2.

Passengers can park their car in a three-story car park with over 3,000 spaces available. The hot line of Shanghai Pudong Airport is 96990. Staff workers provide excellent service and help passengers with their problems.

Airport Access

Passengers can take various comfortable ways to get to and from the airport. You can travel by train, by bus or taxi to get in the city. The Mag-Lev train runs every 15 minutes from 7AM – 9AM. If you take the Mag-Lev train, it only takes you 8 minutes to reach the Longyang Road Metro Station, where you can transfer to the Metro to get anywhere in Shanghai city.

Among the many airports in China, Shanghai Pudong Airport is the only one that connects to the Mag-Lev train. Single tickets for Mag-Lev cost 50 RMB; returns are 80 RMB. In addition to this modern and fast mode of transport, passengers can also take buses to the city. There are 8 special airport bus routes available for passengers.

Airport Restaurant And Cafe

There are many restaurants and cafes in the Shanghai airports. Click to see the Pudong Terminal 2 Shopping & Dining Map. Free Wi-Fi is available in the business center and the Departure Hall. Passengers can connect to the Wi-Fi network to while away a few hours. Foreign currency exchange is available in Shanghai Pudong Airport.

This airport is one of the most modern in China, and is a window for tourists on China. Book a tour to Shanghai and enjoy this futuristic Shanghai airport when you arrive.


Darmawan Surya's picture

I'm from Indonesia,I have a question: in pudong airport , this airport have a cafe or else at 24 hours?because I arrive 1 am in pudong airport..thx

Helen Wang's picture

There are some fast food restaurants such as KFC, Zhengongfu, etc open for 24 hours, you can spend the overnight at these places or waiting hall. Cheers Helen

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