Mount Heng


As one of the five famous sacred mountains in China, Mount Heng is particularly famous for its picturesque scenery. Adding to the charm are several unique temples celebrating Taoism built in the mountain.

Read on travel tips on it's location, history, ticket price, opening time etc.. Standing 2,017 m. (6,617 ft.) above sea level, Mount Heng is located in Hunyuan County, 62 km. (38.5 mi.) away from Datong City in Shanxi Province.

Legend has it that 4,000 years ago, Emperor Sun visited the mountain and he was so impressed by the sight of Mount Heng that he proclaimed it the "Northern Mountain".

In fact, Mount Heng is one of the five famous sacred mountains in China; the other four are Mount Tai in Shandong Province, Mount Hua in Shaanxi Province, Mount Heng in Hunan Province and Mount Song in Henan Province. 

For a long time, Mount Heng has been the holy place for the practice of Taoism. One of the eight Taoist immortals in Chinese myths called Zhangguolao was said to have lived and practiced Taoism here.

Emperors of past dynasties also came here to make pilgrimage, so do many eminent poets and writers like the famous traveler Xu Xiake and the God of poetry Libai, who were inspired to create numerous outstanding literary works.

Mount Heng is well known for its picturesque scenery. The mountain ranges running from southwest to northeast.

It is rich in green pines and verdant cypress, exotic flowers and grass, ancient temples and palaces.

Mmany a caves and valleys unfolding before your eyes form the notable eighteen scenic views that are bound to fascinate any visitors coming here for a sightseeing.

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What's more, the Hanging Temple built into the cliff of Mountain Heng makes you feel living in the land of idyllic beauty and forgets to go back home.

Mount Heng Scenic Area enjoys a semiarid continental climate and four distinct seasons. The temperature differs a lot during the day and at night; the annual average temperature is 6.1 C (F) with a coldest January and a hottest July.

Therefore, the best tour season lasts from April to October. In 1982, Mount Heng was announced as a Key National Scenic Area by the State Council.

Mount Heng Scenic Area opens from 6:30-19:00 in summer and 8:00-18:00 in winter. The entrance fee is 60 RMB (10 USD) for adults and 30 RMB (5 USD) for children.

You can also have a cable car trip while visiting Mount Heng, but extra charge will be required.

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