Dali Butterfly Spring


The Butterfly Spring is a beautiful scenic spots lying at the foot of Cangshan Mountain and 24 kilometers (15 mi.) away from the Dali Ancient City. Just as the name indicates, it is famous for its various kinds of butterflies, beautiful springs, green trees and natural wonders. It looks like a transparent gemstone hiding in the green forests, being regarded as one of the most attractive destinations in Dali City, Yunnan Province.

Dali Butterfly Spring
The beauty of the Butterfly Spring lies in three aspects: spring pond, butterflies and verdant trees. "Beautiful Dali landscapes in March put on make-up near the Butterfly Springs." This saying is people's high praise of the springs and since the ancient time many writers have been here to eulogize the wonder of the spring. The entrance is a memorial archway bearing antique flavor inscribed with three big words "the Butterfly Spring" which is the calligraphy of Chinese contemporary scholar called Guomoruo.

When entering into it, the Butterfly Spring will come into your sight, which is a small pond with fresh water flowing from the rock stratum of the Cangshan Mountain. The water is as clean as a mirror and besides the ponds stand marble balusters. Moreover, there are numerous kinds of trees living around the spring pond and when it comes to the Spring, many trees will be in their blossom with many flowers hanging between their leaves, which look likes dancing butterflies in the wind and are called the false butterfly.  

Butterfly Spring in Dali

The true butterflies around the spring pond is the most attractive feature that we may say magic wonders. There are flourish silk tree, more than one hundred years old, covering the sky of the spring. When it comes to summer the ancient silk tree is blooming and their small light yellow flowers will send out fragrance which attracts thousands of butterflies gathering on the top of the tree, which looks like a colorful umbrella covering the pond. There are different kinds of butterflies and the biggest looks like people's palm while the smallest likes a bee. They are dancing and flying between the flowers and tree, leaving a magnificent and wonderful sight of "the Banquet of Butterflies".

The Butterfly Spring is surely a fascinating place for traveling and there are also many romantic legends about it. Every year the April 15th known is the Butterfly Meet in the  local people's hearts, which give the spectacular sight a romantic feeling. The best traveling time is April, or you can't see the spectacle of butterflies. It is recommended one or two hours staying here and you will surely enjoy yourself.

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