Wild Elephant Valley


With reference to elephants, the local Dai people in Xishuangbanna will always regard them as the symbol of good luck, might and longevity. The Wild Elephant Valley is located at the in the south of Mangyang Natural Scenic spots, about 50 km away from Jinghong downtown area. It is famous for its numerous wild elephants roaming about in the virgin forests, being regarded as an important national scenic spot and a natural wonderland in Yunnan Province.

Wild Elephant Valley

The whole Wild Elephants Valley covers an area of 369 hectares with virgin tropical rain forests covered by and rivers and streams crisscrossed. The advantaged natural condition is good to the living of endangered species as Asian wild elephants, wild oxen, green peacocks and monkeys, All these animals are rarely seen outside this zone and make this valley an open air museum teeming with vigor. 

If you want to get to the main Scenic spots where the elephants, you have to take a 2,063 long cable way and you can also enjoy the unique beauty of the equatorial forests along the way. When you get to the main area and stand on the overhead corridor, you are presented with scene of elephants bathing, playing water and seeking for food. There are even hotels built on the trees for you to watch the performance of elephants or enjoy the inequable feeling of neighboring with with wild elephants and various birds.

The Wild Elephants Valley is made up of four parts:

  • The Asian Elephant Breeding Center,
  • Asian Elephant Ecological Observation Center,
  • The natural corridor
  • The Jinuo ethnic minority village.

Appreciating the wonderful performance of the elephants and first-hand the unique lifestyle of Dai ethnic groups living in the Jinuo Village are sure things tourists will surely do in the valley. At the gate of the valley, you may also find peacock garden which will dazzles tourists with various peacocks and other bird will surely add great fun to your tour.

The Wild Elephants Valley make a good model for protecting the wild lives in the world and is a paradise for tourism. If you are interested in natural scenic spots and animals, all the wonders in the natural zoo will surely catch your attention. The entrance fee is 50 RMB and you can take a bus at the Jinghong Bus Station and get off at the Wild Elephant Valley, which only cost you 12 RMB.   

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