The White Water Terrace in Shangri-La


The White Water Terrace is a famous scenic spots located at the foothill of the Haba Snow Mountain and 103 km. (64 mi.) away from the Shangri-la County in Yunnan Province. It is well known for its peculiar landform with a history of 2,000 to 3, 000 years, being regarded as one of the birth place of Nakhi Dongba culture.

Looked from a far distance, the White Water Terrace likes layers of white terrace fields set in the green mountain with an altitude of 2,380 m. (7,808 ft.). The top of the terrace is featured by a semicircular platform pool and the stream water comes out of the top of the mountain and flows downward. When the stream water reaches the edge of one shallow basin, it silently trickles into another, leaving delicate tracks and beautiful sight for the whole area. When the terrace is in the sunshine, it appears to be a grand waterfall which make it stands out among many other attractions.

You may guess the natural terrace is made of white marbles. However, the fantastic landform was formed because of the white continual deposition of calcium carbonate that is contained in the stream. Every year the surface of the land will be covered by the deposition and eventually transformed into the grand and peculiar terraced structure you see today. It is regarded as a geological wonder and one the oldest stream terraces in China.

White Water Terrace in Yunnan

The White Water Terrace has been a holy land and a deity for worshiping in the local Nakhi people's hearts since the ancient time. It is said that every year in February 8th, when it is the famous Water Worshiping Day, Nakhi people from many places will gather here, dancing, singing and having picnic to pray a good harvest in this year.

The White Water is a natural wonder combining the scenic spots and local culture. If you are traveling in Shangri-la, this attraction will surely be one stop of your tours. The best traveling time is spring and Autumn when the climate is the most delightful and when the terrace can present you with the best spectacle. The entrance fee is 85 RMB and you can take a car directly here from Shangri-la County. 

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