Shudu Lake


The Shudu Lake is the largest highland lake in the Shangri-la county and is famous for its beautiful scenic spot and natural wonders. With an altitude of 3,705 m. (12,156 ft.), it is located 35 km. (22 mi.) northeast of the county.

Shudu Lake in Shangri-la

Looked from a far distance, the Shudu Lake likes a clean mirror situated in a vast green grassland. The water is so clean that you can see the water lives clearly on the bottom of the water. When it is Spring and Summer, the lake will be surrounded by all kinds of flowers and when it comes to winter, it will be covered by flog, which seems to be a veil of lake. There also lives a peculiar Schizothorax, which get the name for the fact that there is a crack line along its stomach and can not be found in any other places.

On the Lakeside of the Shudu Lake lies a vast pasture, which is famous for its natural beauty.  Standing on the pasture, you will find Herds of yak and goat grazing beside the lake and the shepherd's shelters embellishing on the grassland. From time to time, you can also hear fetching sound of flute comes from afar. Close your eyes and hear the sound of mild wind, you will enjoy the tranquility and leisure high-land people living here.

Yunnan Shudu Lake

looking far beyond the pasture, you will find the lake is surrounded by a forest of fir, spruce and silver birch which is home to varieties of wild animals such as bears, golden cats, deer and pheasants. Besides sightseeing, there is also all kinds of equipment enable you to do activities such as hiking, horse-riding tour, watching wild fauna and flora in the primitive forest and fishing in the lake, etc.

When it is summer, it's a good camping spot which attracts many people loving camping and there is also restaurants and guesthouses nearby. The entrance fee is 110 RMB and there's no public transportation to the lake yet, so you need to rent a car. If you come to Shangri-la, don't forget to come here and all the natural wonders are waiting for you.

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