Napa Lake Nature Reserve


Napa Lake Natural Reserve is a beautiful wetland area and scenic spots situated 7 km. (4.4 mi.) northwest of Shangri-La County in China's southwestern Yunnan Province and 3,270 m. (10,728 ft.) above sea level.

Covering an whole area of 31.25 sq. km. (12 sq. mi.), this reserve is featured by its beautiful Napa lake, grasslands and peculiar mountains surrounded, which make this land a paradise for travelers. Read on for travel tips on Napa Lake Natural Reserve.

The Napa Lake is a typical seasonal plateau lake and looked at it at a far distance, it like a clean mirror set on a vast green grassland. It presents travelers with different visages in four seasons.

Napa Lake Natural Reserve

In spring, the higher and drier parts of the reserve is a prairie landscape covered by all kinds of beautiful flowers. Some parts of this prairie are farmed by the local people and you will find many flocks and herds grazing leisurely anywhere.

When it comes to the late fall, the lake takes on another vision with most of the remaining, non-harvested vegetation gradually changes to yellows and browns as the land prepares itself for the tranquil and desolate winter.

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Landscape surrounding the Napa Lake is also very beautiful and there are three big mountains towering at near place. The most outstanding attractions is the peak on the northwest side of the lake containing nine caves.

Napa Lake Natural Reserve

When it is the rainy season, the lake expands and the water will rush through the nine holes and converge into the Jinsha River.

During the dry season when the water recedes, you will find the grasslands appear and flocks of yaks, horses and sheep grazing on the prairie.

A myriad of rare species can be found here between September and March. Rare birds such as the black-necked crane, bar-headed goose and mallard flock are always found in Winter. Napa Lake is the most ideal place for viewing the black-necked cranes. 

Napa Lake Natural Reserve is surely a wonderland for photography and place to spend a leisurly afternoon. Watch out for high altitude sickness when at Napa Lake. Summer is the best time to visit this spectacular lake.

Final travel tips for you: take a back up battery for your camera! The ticket fee is 30 RMB (5 USD). If you travel to Yunnan Province, do not miss the insanely beautiful Napa Lake Natural Reserve. You will see rainbows if lucky.

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