Yunnan Lugu Lake


Located in the Northwestern Yunnan Plateau in the center of Ningliang Yi Autonomous County,  Lugu Lake forms the border of Yunnan and Sichuan Province. It is a typical alpine lake at an elevation of 2, 691 m. (8,829 ft.) with beautiful mountains surrounded. Charming mountains, fresh air together with the clean water make the Lugu Lake an enchanting scenic spots and a wonderland. As the mother Lake of the local Nakhi people, it has been regarded as a national 4A scenic area and the "Pearl on the Plateau".

Lugu Lake

The beauty of Lugu Lake lies in its charming lake scenery and its clean water. This is a unpolluted virgin land and the water is so clean that you can even see the plant in the water as deep as 11 m. (36 ft.). Numerous green mountains are surrounding the lake and reflect themselves in the water. Looking from a far distance, the lake looks like a jade mirror set on the green land. When you go nearer, you will find some beautiful Mosuo girls in ethnic dresses boating on the lake and singing beautiful fishing songs. The intoxicated landscape, original and mysterious ethnic custom and tranquil atmosphere make the Lugu Lake a paradise for tourism.

The beauty of Lugu Lake can also be seen from its fantastic Islands. There are five islands, four peninsulas, fourteen bays and seventeen beaches, which looks like small boats floating on the water. Among all of them, the Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island and the Lige Island become the most valuable islands of the lake. There are varieties of rare birds living on these islands, which make this lake a perfect place for sightseeing and leisure.

Mosuo Girls in Lugu Lake

The Lugu lake is an unspoilt land also because of the simple and primitive people and custom here. This is a matriarchal society and a Kingdom of women. Male and female seldom stay with each other alone and they get to know each other by dancing and singing meetings. If they like each other, the boy will ride a horse to see the girl in the midnight. People living here will never get married and their intimate relationship can last as long as they like. The unique custom add cultural spirit and humanism atmosphere to the Lugu Lake, which will surely shake your heart.

The Lugu Lake is a mysterious and beautiful wonderland not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its unique culture. If you are coming here, there are also varieties of delicious local flavors for your taste, such as buttered tea, Dried fish, Green thorn wine and so on. It is recommended that you spend half a day here and you will surely savor the great fun brought by the virgin land.

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