Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden


Kunming's World Horti-Expo Garden
Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden is a famous botanical garden near Kunming. Read on for more travel tips.

It is a short 4 km. (2.5 mi.) away from Kunming City, captital city of China's southwestern Yunnan Province.

It plays host to large collection of horticultural and gardening works from different parts of China and other countries.

Why visit it?It is famous for its perfect combination of Humanism spirit with the mountains, forests, water and gardens, signifying its close relationship with nature.

Being an old site of Kunming world Expo, It is regarded as a world cultural heritage and a scenic spots for tourists.

Covering an area of 218 hectares, Kunming's World Horti - Expo Garden can be divided into 5 exhibition halls, 7 Theme Gardens, 34 domestic exhibition halls and 33 international halls.

If you come here, you can see many plants from different areas, bearing 2.551 kinds, more than 2 million of plants, which will glut your eyes. The Theme Garden are made up of the tree, tea, bonsai, medicinal Herb, bamboo, and the vegetable and fruit gardens and many rare and precious plants are collected.

All of these gardens take a large area and are of different architectural style, if you come here, you will enjoy the natural beauty and the great workmanship of people.

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The main attraction of the Kunming's World Horti- Expo Garden are the China Hall, International Hall, the Man and Nature Hall, which consist of the main area of the 99 Kunming World Expo. When you enter into the China Hall, you will found that the style of the buildings is a combination of imperial architecture of Han Dynasty and the modern South residents. 

The International Hall is set in flourish trees and forests, boasting its beautiful environment surrounded. When you have gone through the forest, you are presented with the peculiar round hall with 100 long meter long arc wall, which is the main building of the International Hall. All these building are perfectly combined with the nature and are proof of the delicate skills of man.

Kunming - World Horti-Expo Garden
After seeing the exhibition halls, you can go to the Grand green house. Covering an area of 2400 sq. km. (​927 sq. mi.), it is a typical attraction in this garden and reflect a vivid modern atmosphere.

There are in total four exhibition halls, where you can see tropical plants, temperate plants, plants in high  altitude and cold areas. You can also find pictures of these plants, which you can know more about these plants.

Other attractions in the garden includes: Rose garden, Xixia Garden, Fengzhiyi (the wings of phoenix) and some others. If you come here, you will surely savor the greatness of nature. Moreover, there are wonderful performances, flower exhibition, movie shows everyday which will surely add fun to your tour.

Final travel tips: If you want to buy the local products, you can go to nearby shopping centers. It's very convenient. The entrance fee is 100 RMB (15.6 USD).

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