South China Botanical Garden


The South China Botanical Garden, is located in west of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. Built in 1929 and covering an area of 333 hectare, it is the oldest and largest south Asian tropical botanical garden in China.

There are also most species of plants in the garden, if you come here, you can have a great look at all the great gathering of peculiar trees, flowers and grasses from many countries.It is known as “the South China Emerald” and “The EXPO of peculiar trees of all countries”.

Botanical Gardern Gate - Guangzhou

The main attraction of the garden can be divided into 8 parts, the most outstanding of which is the Cave Qilin. It is the most representative site of this botanical garden, regarded as one of the "Eight Sights of Guangzhou" since the ancient time.

Have the ever been a place you both enjoy the tropical and the temperate  scenic spots? If you didn't, you can surely come here, where there are both evergreen trees such as the Coco and the some typical temperate trees such as pines and cedars. Except trees, there are also bridges, pavilions and beautiful lakes, all of them interwove with the blue sky and the white clouds leaving a wonderland for this area.  

Botanical Gardern - Guangzhou
If you come the South China botanical Garden, another important attraction you can't miss is the first village in Guangzhou, which can fully reflect the culture of Guangzhou people.

As the birthplace of Guangzhou City, this site was built in the late neolithic age 2,200 to 4,000 years ago. 

Have you ever seen such an old cultural heritage so well preserved and do you want to be a primitive man for one time? 

There are many newly unearthed tools, pottery and  stimulated archeological sites which can satisfy your needs. There are also a exhibition hall with all the historical relics, If you come here, you can surely ha a different experience where you can never have in other places

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Other attraction in this area includes:Group of large-scale exhibition of greenhouse, Historical museum, Celebrity hand planting area and so on. In this wonderland of plants, you can not only see plants from Asia, European, Africa, Oceania and America, but also see plants and some other precious plants such as palm tree, orchid, sago cyans and so on. If you are interested in plants, there is no need to travel around the world and the South China Botanical Garden is just a convergence of  all the precious plants.

There are also amusement park in the botanical garden, where can help you to pick up the memory of the Childhood. You can also have barbecue with your families, which can add great fun to your trip. We recommended a whole day here to enjoy the great combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The South China Botanical Garden

Entrance fee:

  1. Adults:20 RMB (group with 16_50 members 20% discount,over 50 people 30% discount)
  2. Children:10 RMB
  3. Students(16-50, 30% discount; over 50, 40%)
  4. Free for children under 1.1 meters, soldiers, old people over 65 years old.


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