Dayangjie Hani Village


Dayangjie Hani Village

The Dayangjie Hani Village is a famous scenic spot in the Honghe Hani Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province and is regarded as the one of the top six beautiful village in China. Located in the hillside of the Ailao Mountain with 800 Hani people living here, it is featured by its virgin forest, primitive village, unique terraced fields and beautiful river. They are great combination of natural wonders and ethnic custom, which are regarded as an ideal place for adventure and photography.

The Ailao Mountain is famous for its precipitous and grand terrain and deep valley. It is towering 3,000 m high above the east bank of the Honghe River with rolling magic cloud sea swathed. Standing on the mountain, you are presented with a broad vision of the whole area. The Dayangjie Hani Villages is shrouded in tranquil atmosphere and Honghe River looks like a snake in the deep valley below, winding its way through the huge, naked-rock mountains.

Hani Village in Yunnan

The charm of the Dayangjie Hani Villages lies in its special layout. It is built nestling besides the Ailao Mountain with many Hani people living here. There are layers upon layers of terraced fields surrounding the villages which form a picturesque landscape for the land and paradise for photographers. Taking a short walk in these village, you will soon understand the unique glamor of them. Besides the fantastic landscape of the terraced fields, you can also find mushroom houses, water grinding houses, mills, unique costume of Hani ethnic groups, which will surely give you a detailed description of these unpolluted villages.

The Dayangjie Hani Villages is a natural wonder and paradise for tourism and for photograph. If you are interested in all kinds of natural beauty and scenic spots, don't miss this wonderland. There is no entrance fee required and you can take a couch from Kunming to this village directly. 

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