Aerial walkway


Aerial Walkway

Have you ever taken a walk 40 m. (131 ft.) high over the ground to enjoy the bird view of the virgin forests under your feet? If the answer is no, you can come to the Aerial Walkway which is spanning through the Sanchahe Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Bearing a length of 2,500 m. (8,202 ft.), it is the highest, longest and oldest aerial walking way in the world and is a paradise for tourism and adventure.

The Aerial Walkway was originally built as an important part of the eco-tourism plans of Sanchahe Nature Reserve for the reason that there lived lots of precious tropical flora and animals needing our protection. Nowadays it can provide tourists an open-air museum to bird view all kinds of natural wonders in the virgin forests and raise their awareness of the preciousness of the tropical rain forests. Moreover, it can help the local people to earn some money, thus obviating exploiting the rain forest for a livelihood.

Aerial Walkway in Yunnan

When you come to the Aerial Walkway, your first sight will surely caught by its special construction, which is a cable, steel and rope footbridge suspended between lines of tall and straight trees called Parashorea Chinensis. These trees looks like guardians in the forest with their twigs stabbing into the sky, which leaves a grand sight for the whole area. Walking along the walkway, you are presented with the panorama of the whole forests and some rare animals, such as golden monkeys, wild peacocks, flocks of wild elephants and so on, which will surely glut your eyes.

The Aerial Walkway in the Sanchahe Nature Reserve is surely a fantastic place for fun and adventures. If you want to stay here overnight, there is also hotels for tourists, which are built in the tree and looks like birds' nests. There are also elephant shows at the natural reserve which will surely add great fun for your tours. You can come here by taking a bus from Jung Hong City to Meng La county and then take a special mini-bus to the Sanchahe Nature Reserve and the Aerial Walkway via a 20 km gravel road. 

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