Olive Dam


There is one old saying that "You haven't been to Xishuangbanna without a visit to Olive Dam". The Olive Dam is the fourth largest dam and the most beautiful part in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province and is famous for its beautiful tropical landscape and local custom. Located on the east side of Lancang River with an elevation of 530 meters, the Olive Dam is the lowest place with the hottest climate, being regarded as the scenic spots which attract many people from home and abroad.

Olive Dam is home to 64 Dai- inhabited villages and its name derives form the olive-shaped land capped by dense forests. It means the royal garden village in the Dai language and the whole dam is made up of two parts: the flower garden and the fruit garden. When you enter into the Dam, you are presented with all kinds of amazing wonders, such as the magnificent Buddhist Temple and the traditional marvelous bamboo house, which are of typical Dai style and leave a natural and peaceful atmosphere for the whole village.

Walking in the Olive Dam is a pleasant experience and leave a tranquil feeling in your heart. Because of the hot, humid weather, there are all kinds of delicious tropical fruits such as  areca, coconut, banana, mango, litchi, carambola, pineapple honey an so on. Enjoying all these fruits of different flavors as well as watching colorful blooming flowers will add great fun to your tour.

If you walking into the dense forests besides the river, you may have the chance to see some green peacocks and many other animals. People living here care so much about the environment protection and the Olive Dam is featured by its various kinds of rare animals, thus getting another name of "The Tail of the Green Peacocks".  From time to time, you may also see some graceful Dai girls in traditional costume and woven bamboo hats carrying their split-bamboo baskets and selling sweet fruits, melons and other local products. This is just a peaceful land with unspoilt custom, which will surely leave an unforgettable impression on you.

The Olive Dam is fantastic place for fun and a paradise for tourism and nowadays with the development of the economy, this place can provide better and better equipments for you to live here or travel. If you come to Xishuangbana, this attraction will surely among your tours. The entrance fee is 60 RMB and you can take a couch or a boat from Jianghong City here directly.

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