Kuqa great mosque


Kuqa Great Mosque is located in Kuqa (库车), Xinjiang, 4 k. m away from Kuqa new city. It is the second largest mosque in Xinjiang only next to Id Gah Mosque. The Mosque was originally built in the 15th century with an adobe structure. In 1700 s, it was renovated into a wooden architecture. In 1923, the Mosque was destroyed in a big fire and the present mosque was completed in 1931.

Covering an area of 1,165 sq. m, Kuqa Great Mosque is composed of two parts: the main body and a prayer hall. The prayer  hall is large enough to hold as many as 3,000 persons. The Mosque is a unique I slamic style building with a door built by green tiles and a dome on the top. What is spectacular about the structure of the Mosque is the 64 prism-shaped pillars propping up the coffered ceiling which is decorated by intricate patterns.

In north of Kuqa Great Mosque, there is a ruin of a religious court which is a combination of religion and politics. It is one of the few Islamic organization for jurisdiction ever preserved in Xinjiang.The admission fee is 15 CNY per person and you can get there by taking Bus No.705.

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