Id Kah Mosque


The Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar

The Id Kah Mosque is situated on the Id Kah Square of Kashgar City, China's northwest Xinjiang province. It is a group of ancient Islam constructions with strong ethnic style and religious color.

As one of the largest mosques in China, it has been listed as one of the most important national historical relics in 2006.

Built in 1442 A.D. and covering an area of 25.25 hectare (62.39 ac.), the Id Kah Mosque is not only an place to do religious activities but also a institution to spread the Islamic culture and cultivate talents.

The whole mosque can be divided into four parts : the gate tower, the courtyard, the scripture hall and the prayer hall. The most outstanding attraction in the Id Kah Mosque is the gate tower which stands right in front of the Id Kah square.

The blue gate is about 7.4 m. (24.3 ft.) and is supported by the exquisitely caved wall. There is a big platform above the gate, about 8 m. (26.2 ft.) long and 10.5 m. (34.4 ft.) above from the ground and the gate tower is on the platform.

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There is a beautiful and grand Metallic green crescent erected on the tower, which seem to be comparing beauty with the blue sky. Visitors can get to the top of the tower to get a panorama of the whole city.

People Praying in Id Kah Mosque

The Id Kah Mosque is also featured by its prayer hall, being placed on a high platform in the mosque.

The whole prayer hall consists of the entrance hall, the interior hall, and the outside hall, all of which are set 1 m. (3.3 ft.) above the ground.

There are 140 exquisitely caved pillars in the outside hall and you can get a grand and solemn feeling at the first sight. Such a gorgeous Islamic architecture is rare both in China and overseas.

The Id Kah Mosque is a religious site attracting many Islamists or tourists here. Usually there are more than 2,000 people worshiping here every day and if it is Friday over 6,000 people will come here.

Moreover, the “Id Kah” means “celebrating festivals and gathering”, so it is common to see more than 40,000 people here. If you are interested in Islam and architecture, we recommend you to spend half a day here to savor the fanatical dancing, singing, and religious atmosphere.

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