Songpan horse trekking


Songpan, a county of northwestern Sichuan Province, is located at an altitude of more than 3,000 m. (9,842 ft.) with an area of 8,608 sq. km. (3,323 sq. mi.) and composed of Tibetan, Qiang, Han and Hui nationalities all living together. 

Many western travelers would take a Songpan Horse - Trekking as it is one of the famous things to do in Sichuan Province. In fact, the Songpan Horse - Trekking tour attracts a mass of travelers every year both from home and abroad. Horse Trekking can last from one to seven days. The prices charged for the horse treks are modest and are generally inclusive of meals, tents, mattress, blanket, water and guides.

Songpan Horse-trekking is one of the most exciting things to do in China. While you are riding on the horseback and climbing over mountains as high as 4,000 m. (13,123 ft.), you will enjoy yourself in the unique and breathtaking scenery in the virgin forests and breathe the fresh air without any pollution. At that time, you will feel that you are so close to the sky as if you are flying in the sky. Do not miss the wonderful Songpan Horse-trekking when you travel to Sichuan Province. Through{By} taking a Songpan Horse-trekking tour, you will have a wonderful camping experience during the nights and experience the ancient Chinese people's horseback life along the old-trading route. Besides, you may visit the Tibetan Villages, famous mountains and the most charming attractions in northern Sichuan Province.

Take Munigou Park for example: There are many peaks, forests, caves and lakes in Munigou Park. Most of lakes in Munigou Park have the most photography scenery as beautiful as Jiuzhaigou National Park and the calcified waterfall as splendid as those in Huanglong Park. Here, Erdao Lake is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary landscapes in Munigou Park. It is known as its heavenly lake landscapes and is comprised of a series of lakes such as Swan Lake, Feicui Lake and Toudao Lake. On the way while you are taking a Songpan Horse-trekking tour, you will pass Flower Lake, Stone Forests, Moon Lake and many other scenic spots.

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