Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area


Huanglong Park - The Beautiful Five Colored Pond
Huanglong Park, which is not very far from Jiuzhaigou National Park, is a wonderful place with lots of fascinating attractions.

Huanglong Park is one of the famous places to visit in China, you will find lots of photography scenery. As a World Natural Heritage site, Huanglong Park is famous for its snowy mountains, colorful ponds, deep valleys and dense forest. Huanglong Park is also home to many endangered species including the Giant Panda and the Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. You should not miss the Huanglong Park when you travel to Sichuan.

With a bit of imagination the special geographical features, Huanglong Park seems like a golden dragon winding its way through the virgin forest, stone mountains and glaciers. The Fuyan Bridge is serving as the Dragon's tail and the Five Colored Ponds as the head. While the body of the dragon is around 3 km. (2 mi.) long with a drop of 400 m. (1,312 ft.). When you travel to Huanglong Park together with the Jiuzhaigou National Park, you will see the most wonderful scenery. Jiuzhaigou National Park is also one of the popular places to visit in China.

Huanglong Park - The Wonderful Scenery Before Body Washing Grotto
Fuyuan Bridge is located at the entrance of Huanglong Park. Walk along the trails from here to the Five Colored Ponds, taking in the waterfalls, temples and lakes whilst listening to the birds singing and humming. 

Body Washing Grotto is about 1,273 m. (4,176 ft.) from the Fuyuan Bridge. It is 1 m. (3 ft.) high and 2 m. (4 ft.) wide. You will see a light-yellow and white stalactites inside the grotto. The grotto entrance is screened with water vapor, a legendary place for immortals who cultivated their virtues inside the grotto. Yellow Dragon Cave, also called as Huanglong Cave, is another famous cave in Huanglong Park. It is a huge cave which is filled with stalactites. In winter, the Yellow Dragon Cave has icicles and ice waterfalls hanging inside.

Five Colored Pond - A Must-visit Place In Huanglong Park
The next terrain which you should not miss when you travel to Huanglong Park is the Five Colored Pond containing the largest number of ponds. As one of the most beautiful areas of Huanglong Park, the sunlight reflects the green water in different primary colors such as red and purple. During the winter, when everything is covered in a blanket of snow, at five colored pond you will still see magnificent reflections of the sky in the water.

The most remarkable vista is the Huanglong Valley which is noted for its unique open limestone landscape. The 3 km. (about half a mile) long and 30 m. (98 ft.) to 70 m. (229 ft.) wide pale yellow calcareous deposits is the main attraction in Huanglong Park. The calcium carbonate develops into solid, low limestone banks and as a result of chemical reactions, different kinds of calcareous deposits look like gold flashing in the sunlight. It is wonderful place for you to take some photos.

Yellow Dragon Cave - A Huge Cave In Huanglong Park
Early spring Huanglong Park is still with a lot of snow and the lakes are frozen. However from late spring to summer, the ice on the mountain begins to melt, making the waterfalls all the much richer and impressive, with the flowers in full bloom, it becomes a impressive time to visit Huanglong Park. Autumn is the best season to see Huanglong Park, no rain, with the tree leaves turning red, and the lakes more bright and colorful. During winter time, around early November Huanglong Park will be blocked due to snowfall. Huanglong Park and Jiuzhaigou National Park are the wonderful places to visit in China.

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