Mounigou Scenic Area


Charming Scenery In Munigou Park
If you want to see the most beautiful scenery in Sichuan, you should not miss Munigou Park. This amazing place with charming natural scenery, rich ethnic customs and the charm of the beautiful forest. Zhaga Waterfall and Erdao Lake are the main attractions in Munigou Park. The tourism in China will give you a wonderful experience which is different from the other countries.

Munigou Park, located in southeast to Songpan City and over 300 km. (186 mi.) away from Chengdu, is occupying an area of 160 sq. km. (61 sq. mi.) with an average altitude of 2,800 m. (9,186 ft.). When you travel to Munigou Park, you will find that peaks, forests, caves and lakes coexist and enrich each other. Most of the lakes there have the same beautiful scenery as Jiuzhaigou National Park and the calcified waterfall is as splendid as those in Huanglong Park. Here, WindhorseTour should tell you that the tourism in China is really wonderful.

Must-see the beautiful Zhaga Waterfall
Zhaga Waterfall is a layered waterfall with a width of 35 m. (114 ft.) and a height of 104 m. (341 ft.). With the boundless vigor and spectacular view, Zhaga Waterfall is regarded as "The No. 1 highest calcified waterfall in China". Zhaga Waterfall scenic spot stretches for about 5 km. (3 mi.), where water flows around trees and the trees grow in water. If it is a sunny day when you travel to Munigou Park, the spattering water is like jade exhibiting wonderful colors in the sunlight.

You also can visit Guhuashi (Ancient Fossils) and Feicui Spring (Emerald Spring) when you visit the Zhaga Waterfall. Guhuashi is an excellent place where a number of prehistoric, fossilized animals, plants and fish are well preserved and remain intact. Feicui Spring is one of the ten most famous springs in China. The water has medicinal value. It can recover people from the stomach sickness and arthritis after drinking or bathing in it.

Erdao Lake - A Wonderful Place For Photography In Munigou Park
When you travel to Munigou Park, you should not miss the Erdao Lake. Located in the northern part of the Munigou Park, the Erdao Lake has many underground limestone caves which connect Erdao Lake with other lakes. The color of Erdao Lake varies with the seasons, harmoniously complementing the lake with its surrounding of colored limestone.

When standing by the Erdao Lake, it seems very tranquil and calm; this belies a strong undercurrent that is very active. Erdao Lake holds many wonderful attractions such as Swan Lake and Baihua Lake. Beside the Baihua Lake, there is a mysterious cave which embraces magnificent naturally-formed stalactites. 

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