Yanmenguan pass


Yanmenguan Pass is one of the three important passes through the inner line of the Great Wall - an important military facility in ancient China. 

Read on travel tips on it's location, history, ticket price, opening time etc. It lies in  Yanmen Mountain within the Heng Mountain ranges, around 20 km. (12 mi.) of Dai County in China's Shanxi Province.

It is one of the three important passes through the inner line of the Great Wall in the Shanxi section together with other two passes: Ningwuguan Pass and Pianguan Pass.

In 2001, it was listed as a Key National Cultural Site under national protection.

Since it's located at a place which is of strategic importance and is difficult for any potential enemies to get through, it was regarded as the principal one among the nine passes under heaven in ancient times.

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Yanmenguan Pass witnessed many big and small battles in history and became therefore a hotly contested spot in the past. 

Yanmenguan Pass is made up of Guancheng, Wengcheng, and Weicheng. Guancheng is 10 m. (32.8 ft.) high with a perimeter of 1 km. (0.62 mi.).

It has a stone foundation which is built up with bricks. There are also numerous crenels on the city wall where military weapons like guns were set in preparation for any possible enemies attacking the city in ancient times.

Three gates are designed for Yanmenguan Pass which include the north gate, the west gate and the east gate.

The north gate is actually the gate of Wengcheng and is inscribed with three characters, "Yan Men Guan" while the west gate is inscribed with two characters "Di Li" meaning holding favorable geographic position and the south gate "Tian Xian" which means it is strategically located and is difficult to access. 

Nowadays, Yanmenguan Pass is well preserved as an important historical site and an increasing number of tourists are attracted there every year to appreciate the remains of this strategically located military fortress.

Final travel tips for you: ticket price for Yanmenguan Pass is 90 RMB (15 USD) and it opens from 08:00-18:00.

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