Yangguan Pass


Yangguan Pass

Yangguan Pass is known to many Chinese people through a poem wrote by Wangwei (a famous poet living in Tang Dynasty). Yangguan Pass literally means 'Sun Gate" and is located approximately 70 km.(43 mi.) southwest of Dunhuang City in Gansu Province.

It is so named because it's in the south of Yumen Pass and Yang means south in Chinese. In ancient China, it was used as an outpost to defend enemies and was a vital pass along Silk Road.

Yangguan Pass was built by Emperor Wu during the Western Han Dynasty. Today swarms of tourists are attracted there to appreciate this historical site and the vitally important role it has played and is still playing nowadays.

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While wandering in this historical ruins, you may even have the luck to pick up some antiques like ancient coins, pottery pieces, implements of production and articles for daily use left behind from time immemorial.

Yangguan Pass - Gansu

Not far from Yangguan Pass there is a village named Nanhu which is well known for its various kinds of fruits, grapes in particular.

Every year from late August to early September when the grapes ripen, you'll be surprised by bunches of grapes hanging down from the grape vines. Therefore, in terms of grapes, Nanhu is also honored as the "Small Turpan"

Yangguan Pass opens from 8:00-17:00 and the ticket price is 40 RMB (6.6 USD) per person.

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