Tang Dynasty music and dance show in Xi'an


Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show
Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is must-see performance for travelers to Xi'an who are fascinated by the brilliant culture and performing art in Tang Dynasty.

People who have watched the show recommend it as the top things to do in Xi'an City - it is very worthy trying and is utterly impressive.

Read through this China travel tip on what to see in this show, where to see, ticket prices and beyond.

First of all, let's get to know a little bit about Tang Dynasty. It is one of the most prosperous and splendid historical period in ancient China (618–907 A.D.). 

One interesting fact to show the affluence of Tang Dynasty is that plump ladies were considered prettiest as opposed to slender ones then. Check out the following Chinese Portrait of Tang ladies. 

Plump Ladies in Tang Dynasty

Known as Chang'an at that time, Xi'an, China's then capital city was endowed with rich cultural heritage. Tang dynasty music and dance show is one great example that embodies the past glory of this mighty dynasty in ancient China.

What to See in Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Today, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has become a popular recreation offering an insight into that ancient society and meanwhile retaining the traditional art form of ancient China. 

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

At the very beginning, the dance was performed as part of rituals of prayer for a good harvest or a better life.

Through thousand years of development, it has evolved from a few simple postures or gestures to become a delicate and complex art form reaching its summit in Tang Dynasty.

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

Different from other regimes, the Tang period was open to the outside influences and embraced the best of various art forms of not only the past dynasties but also the ethnic groups in the northwestern China as well as central and western Asia.

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Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

Thus the present-day Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is characterized by a wide range of dancing performance by professional singers and dancers in stunning costumes, with the accompany of various kinds of unusual oriental musical instruments.

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

Some are even performed with an integration of poems enabling the audiences to immerse in a classical atmosphere. Among those performances the Long Silk Dance and Song of Eternal Sorrow (Changhenge) which celebrates the love story of Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei are most memorable.

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

Actually, the successful presentation of modern Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show should be attributed to devoted artists who has spent much time reading the relevant books, historical records and monographs on the entertainment enjoyed by the royal court so as to embody its characteristics accurately.

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

In 1981, the artists of Xian's Shaanxi Provincial Song & Dance Troupe staged this comprehensive form of art making modern people amazed and fascinated instantly.

This special performance has now toured many cities in China as well as numerous countries overseas such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, and Denmark.

Where to See Tang Dynasty Show - Top Recommended Places

Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Show

At present, there are many theaters performing Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. The following three places in Xi'an are highly recommended: 

  1. Tang Dynasty Palace (Tangyue Gong) located on No.75, Chang'an Road, performing hours from 20:30 - 21:40. Performances are dubbed into English.

  2. Shaanxi Grand Opera House (Shaanxi Sheng Gewu Dajuyuan) on No. 161, Wenyi Road, performing hours from 20:00 - 21:00.

  3. Huaqing Hot Springs (Huaqing Palace) on No. 38 Huaqing Road, Lintong District, performing hours from 20:10 - 21:20. Performances are carried outdoor. It is famous for the Song of Eternal Sorrow.

Shaanxi Grand Opera House - Tang Dynasty Show Ticket

Ticket price generally varies from 250 to 600 RMB (40 to 100 USD) which often include an Imperial Dumpling Banquet. Without dinner, the ticket price for a top-notch Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show ranges from 200 to 400 RMB (34 to 82 USD) depending on your seats.

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Hit the road for this wonderful ancient time dancing performance when you visit Xi'an! Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is definitely a visual feast!

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