Sand Lake


Sand Lake is a top resort far and wide for its incomparably gorgeous lake and desert views. It is an ideal brid-watching spot. You can enjoy a variety of interesting recreational activities. 

It is a place where you can both have a close contact with nature, appreciating its beauty and at the same time entertaining yourself.

Sand Lake travel tips One - Location. It lies in Pingluo county, 56 km. (35 mi.) northwest of Yinchuan City in Ningxia Province.

In 2007, Sand Lake Scenic Area was rated as the top 5 A Scenic Spots in China. In 2009 alone, it hosted 786,000 travelers from home and abroad.

Every spring and autumn over one million migratory birds stop at Sand Lake Scenic Area making it an ideal place for bird-watching.

Some of these birds includes white cranes, black cranes, red-crowned cranes, swans, wild ducks and mandarin ducks. 

While standing on the bird-watching tower and looking through the telescope, you'll amazed by the sea of birds flying high over the lake surface against the blue sky. 

Sand Lake Scenic Area is also home to many rare seen fish such as silver carp, glass carp and crucian carp.

In the aquarium on the southern bank of the lake, you'll find dozens of rare fishes including the blunt-snout bream, the giant salamanders and turtles. The clusters of reeds and the blooming lotus flowers in the lake add to its charm and beauty.

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In the vast expanse of desert, the calm lake along with the shadow of reeds, lotus flowers, birds, and the azure sky combine to make a pictureque paradise for visitors to relax and have fun.

Apart from its enchanting scenery, Sand Lake Scenic Area offers a wide selection of recreational activities such as camel and horse riding, water-motorcycling and sand skiing.

You can either go surfing in the lake or sliding across the desert by cableway to have that kind of thrilled feeling or just fishing to enjoy a moment of quiet and peace.

Most exciting of all, you can also go parachuting 50 m. (164 ft.) above the lake surface.

Sand Lake Scenic Area opens from 8:00 to 18:00 every day. Ticket price is 120 RMB (20 USD) per person, but extra money will be charged if you want to rent a yacht or try other entertaining items.

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