Kunming Birds-Flowers' Market


Whenever we are asked what do we like most in spring, we may answer it is the flowers and birds. Do you know any place where you can savor the scenery of spring any time of a year?  Yes, the answer is the Kunming Flowers and Birds Market. Located in the Jingxing street of Kunming City, Yunnan province, it is the largest and most attractive market in the city. Here, you can see a convergence of birds and flowers and other goods but also feel the leisure of life and local custom.

Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

Opened in 1983, the Kunming Flowers and Birds Market was originally a place for petty dealer to sell birds, flowers, fishes and other small animals. However, it has gradually become a public places for purchasing, entertainment, leisure and for sightseeing. If you are wondering on the street, you can buy all kinds of goods you need and it is a good place to feel the local culture.

The street in the market is about 200 m long and 15 m wide, with more 300 stands and many trees growing on both sides of it. If you take a close look at each stand, you will find that besides flowers, birds, there are also jewelry, handcraft, antique and ancient coins. There are many kinds of flowers, such as orchid, kaffir lily, cuckoo, narcissus rose and so on. It is the delicate and beautiful flowers that lure the tourists to come here and all the flowers send out their fragrance to take on their most beautiful appearance. Walking on the street, you will also be attracted by the fetching singing of many birds, such as parrots, mynahs, thrushes, and cuckoos. There are even birds which can speak to you and they are good companies of old people.

The Flowers in Kunming

The Kunming Flowers and Birds Market is grand market for purchasing and a good place to see the local culture. Arguing and bargaining can be seen everywhere. Nowadays, with the development of people's living, the market is absorbing more and more goods to satisfy people' needs. Many foreigners under the direction of tourism guides are also coming here to seek some unique goods. If you are traveling in Kunming, don't forget to search some "gold" here.  

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