108 Dagobas of Qingtong


108 Dagobas is up for your discovery! You may stumble upon the answer to the unsolved mystery of the unique layout of it!

108 Dagobas

108 Dagobas, as its name suggests, is one hundred and eight Lamaist dagobas scattered on a slope west of Qingtong Dam, 76 km. (47 mi.) of Yinchuan City in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

These dagobas are in a regular formation forming an equilateral triangle in an odd number in 12 rows with the largest one on the top. 

It is the only group of towers that has such a large scale and is distributed in such a regular way.

The white brick dagobas are made up of three parts: the octagonal Sumeru pedestal, the main body and the bead on the top.

They are arranged in a well-proportioned way following the curve of the mountain slope. Its unique layout is a mystery that remains unsolved till this day and makes it stand out from other Buddhist architecture. 

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Folklore has it that they are built in memory of the one hundred eight officers sacrificed on the banks of the Yellow River while defending the Great Wall from enemy attacks.

The dagoba on the top of the triangle is said to be built to commemorate their commanding general. Buddhism thinks that man has 108 kinds of worries.

They can get rid of them all and be blessed with a happy life by visiting the dagobas while wearing 108 Buddhist beads and chanting the sutra for 108 times.

Final travel tips for you: take your camera. The ticket price of 108 Dagobas is 60 RMB (10 USD).

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