Currency Exchange Machine Arrives In Chengdu


In order to expand the channels for exchanging foreign currency and provide self-service options related to foreign currency exchange for customers, Bank of China's Sichuan Branch has taken the lead and installed a currency exchange machine, becoming the first bank that provides such a service among similar ones in southwest China.

The exchange limit per time on the maximum exchangeable amount for the currency exchange machine is 2,500 RMB. The cash exchange between the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Yen, and Hong Kong Dollar are supported by this machine.

Currently, the Sichuan Branch has unveiled two currency exchange machines of this kind, respectively installed in the High-tech Zone sub-branch (No. 16, Gaopeng Avenue) and Shudu Avenue sub-branch (No. 28, Zongfu Road - near the downtown).


Reference document - <Hello Chengdu> magazine

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