Visit the unique Taoping Qiang Village in Sichuan


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In China, there are many beautiful and unique villages. One of the villages - Taoping Qiang village is really unique and is worth seeing if you travel in Sichuan. Taoping village is one of the symbolic villages in China. The special nine-storey hexahedral blockhouses (it was called Diao Lou, “Lou” meaning “building” in Mandarin), the intricate subterranean channels used a Taoism method. The Taoping Qiang women who have a strong sense of the esthetic features make Taoping Qiang village one of the unique villages in China and a popular place for traveling.

Taoping Qiang village was built on a mountain. The village is located in Li County, Aba. The village is 170 km. (105 mi.) west of Chengdu, in Sichuan’s provincial city. It is the home of Qiang ethnic minority. If you go close to the village, you will find the place is really an attraction. It is a Qiang village, different from the Tibetan village. Besides the Taoping Qiang village, you are also recommended to visit in western Sichuan, the Dan Ba Tibetan village, which is also worth seeing for tourists who travel in Sichuan.  For more information, please look at WindhorseTour's Daocheng, Yading Nature Reserve and Danba Tour & Hailuogou Glacier, Danba and Mt. Siguniang Tour. Though there are some different things between the two villages, yet some are homologous, for instance, both having the Diao Lou structure.

What should be mentioned in Taoping Qiang village is its complex water networks. Subterranean channels run beneath each street and house, making water supply constantly giving. Take an overview of Taoping Qiang village – you can easily discover the village was built in a special design. Indeed, Taoping Qiang was built based on the Taoism method. There is also an attraction in Chengdu city which was also built in Taoism design and that’s the Qingyang Temple – a Taoist monastery. If you want to travel in Sichuan, please look at WindhorseTour's Chengdu City Tour.

Another feature of the Taoping Qiang village is the Qiang’s houses. The Taoping Qiang’s house is a five-storey building with a narrow wooden staircase. First floor is for livestock. Second floor is built for living room, bedrooms and kitchen. The third floor also extra bedrooms and some rooms for storage. Grains are dried on the fourth floor and fifth floor is for worshipping. As you can see in the picture there are white stones on the desk, over the desk hanging on the wall are some of the sacrifices. Each of the object seems strange to the visitors, but this is just the real reflection of the customs of the local Taoping Qiang people.

Women in Taoping Qiang village have an esthetic appreciation of the clothing. Qiang people are excel at bamboo flute, which you can imagine their skills for music. Taoping Qiang village, which is unique in Diao Lou designing, has odd furniture and sacrifice rituals, the Taoism point of views used on buildings' construction, give people an different look, but the tranquil life of Qiang people leaves an impression on everyone who visit here. During the twilight time, family members gathered around the fireplace, sipping the wine through a bamboo tube. Qiang people use their own way to show gratitude from deep of their heart and show cheers for a good harvest and for good luck. Taoping Qiang village is a must see place if you plan to travel in Sichuan and want to find something different, then look for a tour and join in this unique journey right now!

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