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Street scene of Luodai Ancient Town around Chengdu.

Luodai Ancient Town is one of the Sichuan attractions near the city of Chengdu. If you want to find some places to visit near Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town is your best choice! With a variety of snacks along the town, many well preserved ancient buildings and a colorful and historic tradition, Luodai Ancient Town is attracting many tourists every year. The dense folk custom culture leaves every tourst a memorable experience. 

Memorial arch of Luodai Ancient Town around Chengdu.

Located in Chengdu Longquanyi District, Luodai Ancient Town is 18 km. (11 mi.) east of Chengdu's downtown. This ancient town should be in your list of places to visit near Chengdu. Its original name is “Luodai” ("Luo" meaning “fall” or “to drop something” and “dai” meaning “belt”). It is said that more than 1,800 years ago, the crown prince called Adou of Kingdom Shu dropped his jade belt in the octagon well accidentally, thus deriving its name Luodai Town (In mandarin, written as “落带镇” pinyin: luò dài zhèn). Luodai Ancient Town is a part of the Sichuan attractions to show you the local culture and heritage. Most of the residents living in Luodai Ancient Town are the descendants of the immigrants from Guangdong province. The ancient town preserves a large variety of well-preserved ancient buildings and colorful, historic humanities, foods and customs of Hakka, one of the ethnic groups of China

The Five Phoenix Pavilion of Luodai Town around Chengdu.

The Five Phoenix Pavilion, is also called Fengyi Pavilion, with a height of 24 m. (78 ft.), Legend has it that in Three Kingdoms time; Luodai was the Backyard of Shu Kingdom and Han Dynasty. The last monarch Liu Chan often come here to spend his spare time, along with his mother, thus the royal court build a Fengyi Pavilion, for the empress’s resting place. Now the Fengyi Street in 1st ancient street got its name and is preserved till now. On the pavilion, the decorations are combined by 1,500 phoenixes’ patterns.

Luodai After the Rain - Luodai Anient Town around Chengdu.

There are numerous shops of typical architectural styles of Ming and Qing dynasties along the old alleys. Here is a picture taken after the rain. As you can see, the inscribed boards and tiles on the house had become the newer than ever after the rain. People have started to go out to enjoy the short fresh outside. Far beyond, you still can see the fire burning clouds hanging in horizon. All of them form a picture called “Luodai After the Rain”. It seemed that the people went back to thousands of years, in ancient Ming or Qing dynasty.  For Sichuan attractions, Luodai Ancient Town is worth paying if you want to find the places to visit near Chengdu.

Artwork shop in Luodai Ancient Town around Chengdu.

Tourists visiting the ancient town are recommended to walk its flagstone street for once, buy some artworks or just enjoy the folk culture there. There are many artwork shops along the street. This is a picture of a fashion art worker carefully crafting her artwork. There are many well-made artworks hanging up in a line. Tourists can buy one as your Luodai memento. Except these bringing you a feast for your sparking eyes, while you are wondering on the flagstone street, you can hear the folk peddling their products, which is a memorable scene of your Luodai Ancient Town tour. Renowned as “Primary Town for Hakkas in the West”, it’s really worth touring of the places to visit near Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town awaits you!

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