Luodai town & Golden Dragon Great Wall hiking tour - 1 day


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1 Day
  • Private Tour
Luodai a 2,000 year old ancient town is a top choice for venturing out of Chengdu into the surrounding areas. Hike what some call Chengdu's Gerat Wall, the "Golden Dragon Great Wall" offers a beautiful view of the countryside.
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Good evening, I am visiting China shortly for 10 days. I want to visit chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai. I am a uk passport holder currently living in Qatar. I require a letter of invitation to enter China ( required by Chinese embassy here in Qatar). As I am an independent traveler, I don’t have one of these. I was told by a friend that she got one through you, as she had booked some excursions with you. Would I be able to do this.
I am interested in pandas in Chengdu ( I would like individual time with them if possible), also Keshawn Buddha if you do an excursoin there. Or also if you could recommend anything for Beijing- I would like to visit Great Wall.
If you could assist with visa letter then I can confirm my excursions and am happy to book through you if you can recommend the best ones for me.
Kind regards, Sarah Jackson
I will be in China 28march until 6th April.

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Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the comments. We'd love to help you with this trip, I have just sent you some tour proposals with quotation via email, please go through the details and kindly share your comments and thoughts on it.
Have a nice day!

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