Visit Jiuzhaigou Zharu Valley – an ecotourism zone


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Valley is an ecotourism zone in picturesque Jiuzhaigou for the following reasons. The valley contains 40% of all of the plant species that exist in present-day China, making it a half-microcosm of Chinese flora. What’s more, a very limited number of tourists can visit Zharu Valley per day. So the unspoiled paradise – Zharu Valley is hot tour center when you travel to Jiuzhaigou. A tour from the WindhorseTour: Jiuzhaigou Zharu Valley Eco-Tour (By Air), which can ensure you enjoy the Zharu Valley and around scenery in Jiuzhaigou without upsetting on the tourists limitation rule. Of course, you should know the delighting things to do in your Jiuzhaigou tour.

Two top attractions in Zharu Valley are absorbing to all visitors who travel to Jiuzhaigou. The renowned Magic Mirror Cliff (Baojing Cliff) is a huge natural cliff of 400 m. (about 1,312 ft.) high. Lying at the mouth of Zharu Valley, the cliff stands facing the lakes. The surface of the cliff is rather even and it looks like a great mirror when seen from distance. The legend said that if you pray in front of the Magic Mirror Cliff, your dream will come true. Another attractive attraction in Zharu Valley is the Zharu Bridle Path, which is the only way for Tibetan pilgrims to the Mt. Zhayizhaga on the 15th day of the lunar month. Prayerful pilgrims bend down, kneel, prostrate full-length, rise to their knees, pray and then crawl forward on their hands and knees to the mark made by their fingers before repeating the process. Besides the Zharu Valley, you can drop at more charming Jiuzhaigou Valley when travel to Jiuzhaigou.

There are some exciting things to do when you travel to Jiuzhaigou. Tasting the unique Jiuzhaigou cuisine, you can enjoy the flavor of Tibetan food and Sichuan food at the same time. Mt. Zhayizhaga is a local place for pilgrimage, where you can see both the pilgrims and feel Buddhism more deeply. Before you travel to Jiuzhaigou, you should check the weather of Jiuzhaigou and prepare clothing for your trip.

A tour to Zharu Valley is not enough, you can visit some recommended Jiuzhaigou attractions. The Jiuzhaigou National Park and Huanglong Bus Tour enables you to indulge in breathtaking stunning scenery in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. If you want to appreciate the green and blue lakes, rushing waterfalls, virgin forest and snow-capped mountains of Jiuzhaigou, you can book a tour from WindhorseTour's 5 Days of Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong Parks Tour. If you prefer a tour by air, you can choose this, Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong National Parks & Songpan Horse Trekking (By Air). Get all information and prepare a nice tour, you can enjoy the Zharu Valley and other Jiuzhaigou attractions totally when you travel to Jiuzhaigou.

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