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Travel To Dunhuang Mogao Caves
If you would like to travel through the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes, Silk Road is strongly recommended for you. However, you would spend a couple of days in Beijing before your Silk Road adventure tour. When you travel to Beijing, you should not miss the most famous Beijing attractions. Please look at Travel Through Silk Road To Exotic Nepal/Silk Road & Tibet Explorer Tour for more information about your Silk Road adventures. Through the tour, you can also visit Dunhuang Mogao Caves, which is located at a religious and cultural crossroads on the Silk Road.

Famous Beijing Attractions - Tiananmen Square
When you travel to Beijing, WindhorseTour's tour guide will take you to visit the most popular Beijing attractions such as the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Mutianyu Great Wall. If you are only interested in Beijing tour, please look at Best Beijing 5 Day Tour for more information. Silk Road was a historical network of interlinking trade routes across Asia from China in ancient time and is now a popular travel route for travelers both from home and abroad. On the Silk Road, there are many fantastic destinations to visit including Urumqi, Turpan and Shigatse. Please find more information from China Silk Road Adventure Tour.

In the first few days, WindhorseTour will guide you to travel to Beijing. At that time, you will know more about the old Beijing and new Beijing. As the third largest city square in the world, Tiananmen Square shows a great cultural significance of Chinese long history. As one of the famous Beijing attractions, it should be the first stop when you travel to Beijing. Highlights in Tiananmen Square include Tiananmen Tower, Great Hall of the People and Monument to the People's Heroes.

Travel To Beijing - The Forbidden City
Next to the Tiananmen Square is the Forbidden City which was the imperial palace and now houses the Palace Museum. The Forbidden City is one of the must-visit Beijing attractions. While you are walking through it, you will be surprised about the spectacular architecture and grounds on a scale hard to imagine. If you are interested in the Beijing tour, please look at Beijing Highlights Tour for more information.

Located in southeast of Dunhuang County, Dunhuang Mogao Caves (also known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas) is one of three noted grottoes in China and also the largest, best preserved and richest treasure house of Buddhist art in the world. It is a depository of historical and cultural exchanges over more than a thousand years between China and other nations and is now a famous attraction on the Silk Road.

Dunhuang Mogao Caves - The Most Amazing Place To Visit
As the highlight on the Silk Road, Dunhuang Mogao Caves has 492 caves, many of which are rectangular or square-shaped with recessed, decorated ceiling. It contains some 2,100 colored statues and 45,000 sq. m. (484,376 sq. ft.) of murals. Despite years of erosion, the murals are still brightly colored with clear lines. If you do not personally come to Dunhuang Mogao Caves, you will never know how wonderful it is.

Enjoy yourself when you travel to Beijing and have adventures on Silk Road. WindhorseTour always offers you a good English tour guide and perfect travel routes.

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