The great south Silk Road adventure - Korla and Kucha


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Would you like to have a great south Silk Road adventure? Then, join in the WindhorseTour's adventure team. You can get more information from Great South Silk Route/Taklamakan Desert Highway Adventure Tour. Nowadays, the cities and beautiful landscapes of China's western expanse attract a largest number of travelers both from home and abroad. Through the tour, you will be able to travel to Xinjiang including Korla and Kucha.

Kucha - The Incredible Taklamakan Desert
The Silk Road, also called Silk Route, is a modern term referring to a historical network of interlinking trade routes across Asia from China to Europe. The tour will guide you to travel to Xinjiang's famous destinations such as Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar. Whether you're looking to uncover the trading routes of the Silk Road, take a highway adventure or explore the less tourist-filled area of China, the great Silk Road tour will offer you a truly unique experience and a wonderful adventure. WindhorseTour also offers travelers the excellent Silk Road adventures: Travel Through Silk Road To Exotic Nepal/Silk Road & Tibet Explorer Tour.

Travel To Korla - Bayanbulak Grassland
When you travel to Xinjiang which is a part of Silk Road, you should not miss Korla. It is approximately 200 km. (124 mi.) southwest from Urumqi. You can look at 11 Day Beijing to Xinjiang Tour for another Silk Road Adventure tour. Korla served as an important outfitting station on the Silk Road in the history and is now an ideal site for exploring and adventure. It features many cultural relics, historical sites and natural attractions such as the Bayanbulak Grassland, Taklamakan Desert and Bosten Lake. All of them represent the typical landscapes of South Xinjiang. Distinctive ethnical flavors and cultures there also allure millions of travelers every year.

Travel To Xinjiang - Beautiful Kucha
Kucha, a small town with a long history and largely Uigur population, is another place which you should not miss when you travel to Xinjiang. Located on the branch of the Silk Road and runs along the northern edge of the Taklamakan Desert. Kucha was an ancient Buddhist kingdom and is now the biggest county of Aksu Prefecture. Visit Kucha and you will have a chance to taste the abundance of delicious melons and other fruits and vegetables. Here, a part of the tang-dynasty city wall is also a great attraction where you can take photos and walk along the wall. If you are interested in the Silk Road tour, you can find more information from Eastern Xinjiang Photography Tour.

Kucha is between the Kashgar and Turpan. You will be able to visit the two places while you are visiting the Kucha. Taking part in the Silk Road tour, it will give you an amazing experience in the south Xinjiang. You can have a wonderful journey!

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