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During the Yangtze River Cruise tour you'll enjoy the luxury of a cruise vacation along with charming scenery and it also covers Beijing attractions. As two famed ancient cities in China, there are many things to do in Xi'an and Beijing, such as: experience Beijing Hutong life and see the authentic ancient army of China at Terracotta Warriors. You can't miss the only chance in China - to be a volunteer for delightful pandas in Chengdu Panda Base. You can get more information about Yangtze River tours at: Memorable Yangtze River Tour.

Beijing Attractions - To see the Classical Chinese Architecture
You have many options in Beijing attractions. It's highly recommend to you visit The Forbidden City and The Summer Palace which were used as household for the royal family. Both of them are covered with large areas and Chinese classical architectural style. Beijing Hutong can take you back to the past and makes you forget the present. Many travelers experience the real-life in Beijing Hutong will choose to take rickshaw or walk on foot. What makes travelers interested is by listening to the rickshaw pullers explaining the story of Hutong in English. If you want more information to see Beijing attractions at: Glimpses of China tour to see Beijing.

Things to do in Xi'an - Visit The Magnificent Terracotta Warriors

Among the things to do in Xi'an is to visit the Terracotta Warriors. It's a great and precious discovery in China where you can see the mighty and well- preserved ancient army. The warriors have been standing guard by the tomb of Chinese Emperor Qin for over 2,000 years. You must see the Xi'an City Wall which has been protecting Xi'an for hundred of years and now it has become one of the landmarks. The most popular way for travelers to experience local-life is take a bicycle at Xi'an City Wall early in the morning. As you have already arrived at Xi'an, a good suggestion would be to take a climbing tour to Mount Huashan to see the unique sunrise. If you interested in exploring Mount Huashan and Xi'an City, you can find more information at: Xi'an and Mount Huashan Tour.

Yangtze River Cruise - China's Famous and Longest River
Yangtze River Cruise tours shows a typical Chinese scenery with tranquility of the river and beautiful mountains on the sides. There are many top attractions along with Yangtze River Cruise tours that draws travelers in, such as The Three Gorges (Qutang gorge, Wu gorge and Xiling gorge), Three Gorges Dam and Baidi City. If you want learn about knowledge about top attractions, it's well-worth to take a shore excursion on the Shennong stream and visit The Three Gorges Dam for sightseeing. What's more fun that that you will see and learn mahjong (Chinese game) and how to make dumplings (traditional Chinese food) in your spare time on the Yangtze River Cruise tours. To get more information please look at: Yangtze River Discovery Tour.

Being a volunteer at Chengdu Panda Base! You can totally get close to the adorable pandas and have a chance that take care of them. Like many things to do in Xi'an, Chengdu has also some interesting places like to experience local life such as the Wide and Narrow Alley and Jinli Street.

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