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What makes Beijing lost in its time? Hutong, the real local Beijing culture and stands for Beijing's heart. Hutong culture, shows a particularly residents' real-life in Beijing. However, many Hutong in Beijing are disappearing. Why not have a Hutong tour to find the secret about the Hutong? 

Secret in Beijing Hutong,China

The rulers of Yuan (元) Dynasty wanted to manage people in Beijing according to social classes, they divided areas into many districts residential and almost around palace. Hutong appeared between residential to distinguish different house, also known as alleyway. The Hutong go back to about 800 years in history. Nowadays, Hutong are located inside the main areas in Beijing. Inside Hutong, residents who live in Hutong walled courtyard are accustomed to chatting with their neighbors and buying their basic necessary. Hutong is like small micro communities that this is Hutong culture inside Beijing makes people feel warm. 

In general, Hutong runs east-west. As for many architectures in China, people always make houses facing south in order to get more sunshine. Hutong hence the reason to be located. There are many different types Hutong: wider or narrower, longer or shorter. Basically, people live in Hutong walled courtyard has many years even generations because they want a stable life. Similar with Hutong's name which haven't changed, different Hutong with its unique name and have been used until now. 

Longest Dongjiaominxiang Hutong in Beijing, China.
About your Hutong tours, WindhorseTour would recommend the East city Hutong to see. East city Hutong (also called Dong Jiao Min Xiang 东交民巷), which is the longest in Beijing Hutong and is near Tiananmen Square. It has been there for hundreds of years, as for now, you can find western architectures in East city Hutong. Make a plan for a Hutong tour and please look at the Beijing-Pingyao-Xi'an Tour

You also should experience the tricycle pass through the whole Hutong at the end of your Hutong tours. This is a great chance to know more about Beijing Hutong culture and find more secret about hutong. 

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