Tranquil Wuhou Temple in Autumn


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Autumn in Chengdu has a certain air about it. The days are warm and the air pleasant while the humid heat of summer is just a memory, but that day it wasn't enough for me, so I decided to make an unplanned visit to the Wuhou Temple

Chengdu cab on the city's busy streets - Sichuan, China - Southwest China

It was my first time to visit any of the attractions in Chengdu. Outside, it was business as usual and all I could see were cars and the busy city, but stepping into the temple complex, actually a shrine to two local legends, it seemed that I had found a place of peace and quiet in the heart of the bustling city. 

Wuhou Temple's covered corridors - Sichuan Attractions - Chengdu

My visit gave me a chance to reflect on heroes from the Three Kingdoms period in ancient Chinese history, heroes who, to tell you the truth, I had been intrigued by since learning of them in high school history lessons. Wandering through the covered walkways, it all seemed very strange to me - I just couldn't reconcile what I knew from history and the feeling I had now! How could I be walking the same ground that these great statesmen, Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei, had tred those many years ago?! 

Writer at Wuhou Temple - Chengdu - Sichuan Attraction - China travel

The park complex was certainly well-manicured and had a nice flow that invited visitors to move through at their own pace. For me, I just couldn’t help but sit behind a tree and stare at the beautiful golden leaves, fallen along the walkway. What could be more tranquil than basking in the sunset and enjoying this close connection to nature?

The rich history in Wuhou Temple is enough to draw many visitors, but for me, just to be there and to enjoy the weather, the peace - that's what drew me in.

Golden leaves at Wuhou Temple - Chengdu Attraction - Sichuan, China

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