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Getting to Jiuzhaigou valley is easy and it can be also regarded as the first part of the Jiuzhaigou adventure series where your journey will be long yet a pleasant one for your eyes. You can take an airplane, a car or a bus to the Jiuzhaigou national park. Although in a car or bus you might spend a lot of time in your Jiuzhaigou tour by road, the scenery of western Sichuan can be a beautiful distraction along the way to Jiuzhaigou valley. It is bound to keep you attracted and makes sure you won't lose any part of this scenic road. Tibetan and Qiang (羌) areas is where it is strongly influenced with local ethnic flavor, overwhelmed by steep but spectacular highway and unique plateau scenery. 

However, you can choose the direct flights to Jiuzhaigou valley. The airport in Jiuzhaigou is connect to these main cities in China, like: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu (the capital city in Sichuan). Only these cities have flights direct to Jiuzhaigou or you can change and catch a connecting flight from Chengdu. It's highly recommend to take a car or bus in the summer to Jiuzhaigou valley because of the cool weather and the colorful natural scenery along the road. In winter we don't want low temperatures to affect your traveling spirits, so you may prefer to take the airplane to the Jiu Huang (九黄), which is the airport in Jiuzhaigou and it is just 2 hours drive from Jiuzhaigou valley. WindhorseTour can provide the transportation, arrangement of the  routes and guide for visitors' to Jiuzhaigou valley. 

It is convenient but the prices are higher when you take an airplane from directly or transfer at Shuangliu airport in Chengdu to Jiu Huang airport in Jiuzhaigou. Its better you start early in the morning in Chengdu if  you want to catch a car or bus, because it is about 10-hours drive on the road to see the heavenly landscape but the price is much lower. Furthermore, the weather in Jiuzhaigou also change in a day so that flights can be delayed, Shi You Jiu Huang (十有九黄) is a Chinese idiom to describe flights always cannot land on time here. However, if you choose the airplane to travel as it is the quickest way to reach Jiuzhaigou valley, then WindhorseTour will help you to book the ticket for the airplane in Chengdu.

Keep your high spirits to face the magnificent attraction you have never seen and enjoy the Jiuzhaigou adventure. Here are the highly recommend places to see: Calc- sinter lake group, Rize valley and 12 summits. At the dream like scenery, take your camera to capture the different seasonal landscape of Jiuzhaigou valley. All of these can only be seen through your personal experience to this great place of the nature.

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