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Wondering what things to do in Chengdu tours? Fed up with shopping in heavily modernized markets? Consider go shopping in markets that locals go for everyday life! One highly recommended things to do in Chengdu is to visit its three markets - a million products at low prices.

Located in Chengdu urban area, these markets are widely popular among Chengdu residents. Generally, locals go shopping in these places at least once a year whatsoever, especially Chengdu Lotus Markets, the most famous one all over Sichuan.

Even if you're not out for buying, hang out and take a look at the products. Shopping in Chengdu is FUN! You may not get cool techie staff in these markets, but you are compensated by a taste of local's life.

Lotus Wholesale Market Chengdu
1. Lotus Wholesale Market ~ It's a huge comprehensive wholesale market in southwest China. As for purchase of bulk goods, Chengdu Lotus Market must be the locals preferred choice.

Also, it's a good place for travelers exploring things like decoration in China. You can bargain with the guide's help with the price.

If you intend to go there, you'd better prepare light and follow a guide because it is very large and you may get lost inside. It was located near the North Train Station. Note that it has been moved to Xindu District in northern Chengdu. 

Songxianqiao Market Chengdu

2. Songxianqiao Antique Market ~ All the antique lovers must visit the China's second-largest antique market.

The market is a 3-story building, some reputed artists and vendors not only sell but also tell you some suggestions about products you want to buy.

There are over 500 separate stalls where it is a good place to buy watercolor paintings, embroidered silk and curios. It is located at No. 22 Huan Hua North Road, near Wu Hou Temple.

3. Xingzhongxing Commercial Market ~ This place is all of the Chengdu young chick's dream shopping heaven! Even if it's the most crowded one, people still endure bad environment and are eager to buy all things they want that is in fashion.

Xinzhongxing Market Chengdu

You can buy top in-fashion clothes, shoes, accessories and many things in the stalls. The market has 3 floors but the most popular one is on the first.

Also remember to bargain and check the quality of the items. It located in No. 139, Upper East street in Chengdu Jinjiang District, which is very near Chunxi Road.

Visiting these three markets is a great choice when shopping in Chengdu. Maybe you not have heard about these three markets or you haven't experienced bargaining in a crowded environment.

It is certainly worth taking your time - it is one of the fun things to do in Chengdu. Take water with you and follow a guide who can help you bargain. Read more about what to buy at Shopping in Chengdu.

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