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Have you ever heard of Songpan County in Sichuan, China? If not, you are missing the famous Huanglong park, it is in the northern part of Songpan County and Songpan is also a transfer station when you go to Jiuzhaigou. But actually, this transfer station itself is very charming too and it is one of the few good places to experience the horse trekking in China. It doesn't matter whether you know a little about Songpan county, here is an introduction to this horse trekking in China tour. During your Sichuan tour you may become more interested in this area and you can plan a tour to experience this horse trekking in China.

 Songpan Ancient City - Sichuan

Songpan Ancient City -- Songpan (named Songzhou in the Tang Dynasty) is 335 km. (208 mi.) away from Sichuan's capital city Chengdu. It is located in the northeast of Qiang autonomous prefecture of Aba in Sichuan province. It is a famous historic ancient city, ancient tea-trading route and important border town. It covers rich natural resources, famed scenic spots: Huanglong Park and Mounigou Valley are located in this city. Songpan is a good place to have an unique horse trekking in China and camping experience. You can experience the ancient Chinese people's "horseback" life along the old tea-trading route. During the trekking, you can go through the beautiful Er'daohai Scenic Spot in the Mounigou Valley.

Picturesque Erdaohai Lake, Songpan, Sichuan

ErDaoHai -- Er'daohai Scenic Spot, Named for its largest lake: ErDaoHai Lake, is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary landscapes in Mounigou Valley, Songpan County. It is famous for its heavenly lake landscapes and is comprised of a series of lakes (local people call it haizi): Toudao Lake, Swan Lake and Feicui Lake,etc. Many exotic flowers and rare herbs grow under the lakes, thousands of different patterns of plateau barrier lake, karst caves, hot springs and meadow landscapes distribute in the Er'daohai primitive forest. The clear and transparent lakes, with limestone in the bottom of lakes and fragrant flowers by the lakes, in the primitive forest's setting off and the sunshine's shinning, these all together compose of an amazing picture scroll.

When you trekking along the road up, you can enjoy the large Haizi (lake), small Haizi (lake), swan lake ,feicui lake and so on. All these lakes are like pearls and gems, green trees reflects in the blue lakes, under the blue sky, you will surely be overwhelmed by the stunning beautiful scenery. There is a famous Pearl Lake, it has a high temperature, even in the frozen winter, the water is about 25°C ( 77°F). There is a strong smell of sulfur by the lake, many people bath there, for it is said that the lake water can heal the skin diseases. 

Don't be afraid if you are not good at horse riding or don't have a good sense of direction, don't need worry about it, because there will be one-to-one guide service during your travel. You'll mix with the local people  to feel the different lifestyle and the culture; you'll see extraordinary scenery along this horse trekking in China tour; also you can feel the fun and thrill that the horse trekking and camping will bring to you. So, do you desire for an exciting and unique horse trekking in China tour? Welcome to Songpan and have a nice  horse trekking experience.

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