Picasso originals on display in Chengdu, China


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"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth" -- Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest artists of 20th century, renowned all over the world. His cubist shapes and obscure creations puzzle viewers even to this day, and likely will forever. 

Picasso cubism - Woman in Red Armchair - Chengdu Exhibition

It comes as an unexpected delight that some of Picasso's influential collection is coming to Chengdu! From February 28th to May 1st, 2012, visitors will be able to see 48 original works at the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art in China's Sichuan province.  


This is the first-ever exhibit of Picasso's works in Chengdu and includes some of Picasso's most well-known pieces. In total, the exhibition is worth over 6.7 billion CNY (1.06 billion USD) and is said to be the most valuable showcase ever held in Chengdu. Certainly, this is a huge event for the fine arts community in China and art lovers in Chengdu.

Maybe you, like me, cannot grasp all that Picasso wanted to express in his paintings, but at the very least you know his name and his influence in the art world. And if you watched "Midnight in Paris" (Oscar-winner for Best Original Screenplay, 2012), you no doubt know what a romantic he was! Hurry to the Chengdu Museum of Contemperory Art to see this amazing display (160 CNY/25 USD per ticket), it will only be here until the 1st of May! 

If you appreciate the arts, Sichuan has some of the best fine arts performances in China. In Chengdu, the most popular is the traditional Sichuan Opera, which can usually be found playing in the city almost every night of the week. This engaging show includes the famous "changing faces," fire-breathing, shadow plays, and other impressive displays - an evening you are sure to enjoy. Another interesting show is the Jinsha Musical, a romantic musical based on Chengdu's Jinsha culture (1200–650 BC), set in Sichuan's ancient Shu Kingdom. 

For an eclectic sampling of multiple art forms, Chengdu also boasts a hot new venue located on the eastern side of the city named "East Chengdu Music Park." You will find bars, studio theatres, and museums - plenty for the Asian arts enthusiast!

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