My parents Tibet trip.


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This August, Tibet became the hottest travel desitination in China, there are huge crowds of people in LhasaShigatseNamtso and other major cities or attractions in Tibet. Many people don't understand why Tibet tour suddenly became so popular, acutly it's is not difficult to explain if you consider about the recent situation. August supposed to be the peak season for domestic tourist, and considering Tibet was closed to foreign visitors from June to end of July, so lots of tourists flowed into Tibet from all over the world after such a long waiting.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, my parents just catched that time to start their Tibet tour. I made the tour itienary for their 10 days tour, included LhasaYamdrok lakeGyantseShigatseNamtso lake and Nyingchi area. This tour covers the most of highlighs in Tibet, the holy city - Lhasa, two of the three holiest lakes - Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake, along the friendship high way to Gyantse, visit the famous stupa - Gyantse Kumbum, Tashilhupo Monastery in Shigatse. After that, back to Lhasa, then have a long drive to Nyingchi, enjoy the green mountatians in Tibet.      
Actually my mum intended to visit Mt. Everest Base Camp, but I suggested her give up this idea because I thought the high altitude is too risky for her considering her age and physical condition.  
I have gave them some advises in order to prevent the High Altitude Sickness, such as ate Hongjingtian (it's a kind of Tibetan herbs) before they departure from Chengdu, drinked lots of water everyday, and my dad even quit smoke. Fortunately it works, they didn't suffered any high altitude sicknees in Tibet, except a little bit headache. I think the high altitude sicknees is not so terrible as we thought, if you do some precautions before you going to Tibet.
From May to end of October is the best time to visit Tibet, the weather is pleasant, the blue sky is always overhead.

This city has been photographed and described so many times, even so, she still mysterious, charming and attractive.
Like my mum said: when you are in Tibet, you will feel the human is weak, your eyes are weak, the camaras are weak, no matter you are a believer or not, everyone should go there, don't visit it, but to feel it with your heart, at least one time in your life. So make a plan and do it, before its too late.  (西藏是每个人一生中都应该至少去一次的地方,当你身在西藏,你会感觉到人类是那么渺小,你的双眼是那么渺小,你手中的镜头也是那么渺小,捕捉不到她的分毫。无论你有没有信仰,你都应该去那里,去用心感受她带给你的力量和震撼)

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