Join the panda volunteer work at Bifengxia Panda Base


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Giant pandas are the symbolic animal of China. While traveling in Sichuan, why not find a chance to get close to giant pandas? Bifengxia Panda Center is just the perfect and professional panda breeding center. Joining the Panda Volunteer Work is an interesting thing to do, also a saving plan to have the greatest interaction with giant pandas. Take a panda tour in Sichuan and  Bifengxia awaits you!

Panda’s Research and Protection Center of China – the Bifengxia Panda Center belongs to Wolong Natural Reserve Region. Here is a picture of the entrance of Bifengxia Panda Center, a “人rén” font of the entrance etched the lovely panda’ modeling, aiming at welcoming every tourist who take travel in Sichuan at Bifengxia Panda Center and shake hands with giant pandas. 

Bifengxia Panda Center was built on 28th December in 2003. It is located in the north of Ya’an city in Bifengxia scenic area, 18 km. (11 mi.) away from Ya’an city, 150 km. (93 mi.) from Sichuan’s provincial city, Chengdu, with a total area of 6,000 hectares (60 sq. km. or 23 sq. mi.). Now, it has the largest population of giant pandas in the world, a total number of 155 pandas.

Bifengxia is a scenic valley in the green mountains of western Sichuan. Tourists are recommended to take a 4-7days’ tour at the Bifengxia Panda Center. For you can have enough time than in Chengdu Panda Base to know about the giant pandas and enable yourself to have more interaction with lovely pandas.

Generally, if you interact or pet pandas, you have to pay an extra cost from 125 USD to 250 USD and have 3-5 minutes time with them or take pictures with them. However, if you join the panda volunteer work, then you can get the chance play with them, develop your feelings of each other, but you are not allowed to touch the pandas without permission.

The center opens to public only between 9 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 5 PM, for the national treasure needs to have a break at noon, so tourists are recommended to take the panda volunteer work. It's a saving plan and can gain some experience on how to assist the panda keeper for the giant pandas. If you have children, it is a good chance to teach them a panda-life lesson.

For volunteers’ food and accommodation, you needn’t worry. Before your arrival, you shall check in at the only hotel called Xiaoxitian Hotel. While the volunteering work starts, there is no food supply in the center, so you are suggested to have food at your hotel. The following days you will be guided to visit the panda center or hike the Bifengxia valley. Bifengxia is the Panda Reserve Center in China, so tourists are recommended to take a panda tour at Bifengxia.

There are some preparations for your volunteering work. Confirm your work time, send your passport copy to your China travel agency WindhorseTour and then all the arrangement can be done in advance. The volunteering work can be toil, so tourists are recommended to be in good health to ensure you to keep your strength and your body in good condition. Being a volunteer at Bifengxia Panda Center, you need to pay 150 RMB per suite for the special clothes. Bifengxia Panda Center is in the Bifengxia Panda Nature Reserve, renowned for the green forests in four seasons. If you have a chance at Bifengxia Panda Center, you can’t miss it while taking a panda tour.

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