How do I confirm the panda volunteer work?


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It is very easy to attend Panda volunteer work, you just need to confirm your volunteer work time, and send us your passport copy, we can arrange everything in advance. In order to volunteer, you should be in generally good health, so we advise you to bring a statement from your Doctor stating that you are in good health. Children under the age of 10 are generally not allowed to volunteer. If they want to take this volunteer work, they need have adults accompanied.

To take the Panda Volunteer work tour at Bifengxia Panda Center, a physical examination record from your docotor is required. When you confirm the panda volunteer work with us, we will send you this forml. Your physical examination record is just certify that you have not any history of infectious disease, and certify you are healthy now, the aim is to keep pandas away from any virus.

We keep the right to postpone your time to volunteer if some important projects need to be done in Reserves or too busy to arrange your volunteering. 

Since you will have your own Panda keeper as your teacher, we suggest you bring some gift to your keepers.

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